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Adobe is hooked on Splashtop

By Splashtop Team


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Meet Dave Helmly and Karl Soule. Dave is the Head of Strategic Development for Adobe Video. Karl is the Sr. Technical Sales Manager for Adobe Video. They were searching for the optimal remote access solution in order to access dedicated office computers while traveling, but then the global pandemic hit and required them to rapidly find a solution.  One of their multimedia customers recommended Splashtop. Turns out, Splashtop was everything they didn't know they were looking for.

Once they were hooked on Splashtop, they began to recommend it to other partners, including giant news organizations and broadcast customers.

We had been looking at a lot of different solutions. We looked at all the popular ones, and the name Splashtop came popping up. I worked with a customer in the Warner Media family that uses the Enterprise product; we had gone over the successes they have had in their very large department and that’s what got my attention. -Dave Helmly

Fast A/V sync is required when editing videos remotely and this is where Splashtop excels

Adobe's customers are working with large amounts of shared storage, petabytes of footage that requires strong A/V sync and the ability to work rapidly. They found that Splashtop excelled in this area, especially when remoting from a Mac to another Mac, even from six thousand miles away.

When these guys (video editors) are rapid fire hitting 3 or 4 keys a second with the fast trims that the promo departments do, it’s crucial to have something that is responsive that keeps the A/V sync in line; that one of the areas that I have found that Splashtop excels at doing that. -Karl Soule, Adobe Video

Watch the Adobe Video testimonial for yourself and see why Splashtop is the choice solution for remote video editing, and more.

Splashtop Remote Desktop Software – Optimized for Adobe Users
Splashtop Remote Desktop Software – Optimized for Adobe Users

But don’t just take their word for it

See for yourself how Splashtop offers the best value among remote access solutions for your organization. Access your computers, apps, files, and data from anywhere, at anytime.

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