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5 Reasons You Should Beta Test Splashtop Connector (Security is No. 1)

By Splashtop Team


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Splashtop is currently seeking beta testers for its new Splashtop Connector, which enables remote access to computers that are typically only accessible within LAN. The new feature allows users to connect to computers that support the RDP protocol directly from within the Splashtop Business app, without using VPN or installing any remote access agent.

What is RDP?

RDP is a proprietary protocol created by Microsoft that allows people to connect to computers, servers, virtual Windows desktops or apps, etc. without any additional remote access software needed on the host machine. However, RDP only works when connecting over the same local network, which is why many users must first establish a VPN connection when they are remote. Other users may use a daisy-chain approach to access and manage devices in a separate security zone, by first connecting into a computer on the network using a third-party remote access tool, then launching RDP sessions from that computer.

RDP enables some very convenient capabilities like working remotely and being supported by an IT expert from far away. However, while this technology is now used by millions worldwide, there are growing cybersecurity concerns – namely being used as an attack vector for ransomware.

Open protocols like RDP were simply not built to handle today’s remote work needs or the increased security concerns and requirements. Additionally, employee BYOD devices connected to the corporate VPN pose added security risks and the potential for malware to spread.

Reasons to Try Splashtop Connector

Remote access and support software is built to handle high traffic volume and provides complete access to remote computers’ files and applications, regardless of the network environment. Its fine-grained permissions control and use of standard web communication ports make it more secure and suitable than VPN and RDP for remote or hybrid work environment.

Here are 5 reasons to use Splashtop Connector:

  1. Security

    : RDP connections through Splashtop Connector use end-to-end encryption and TLS/AES-256 across the Internet.

  2. No need for a VPN

    : Users don’t need a VPN connection or be connected to the same network in order to access a computer via RDP.

  3. Improved remote support

    : IT admins can remotely support computers on internal networks that may not have Internet access or may not allow third-party remote access software to be installed.

  4. Concurrent users

    : Multiple concurrent users can connect to the same server and have their own individual virtual desktop sessions (via RDS/terminal server). This is not possible with the vast majority of remote access software or standard Splashtop.

  5. Supports Remote App

    : Users can remotely run a specific program rather than connecting to a full virtual desktop, making the app usage experience more seamless.

How to Become a Splashtop Connector Beta Tester

Please visit the link below to become a Splashtop Connector beta tester.

Connector Beta Program - Splashtop Inc.

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