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How Splashtop Upholds GDPR Compliance

By Sarah Laoyan
6 minute read


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In 2018, the European Union enacted a new law to protect European citizens from having their personal data mishandled by anybody that collects data. This could mean businesses and organizations, both in person and virtually. This groundbreaking law paved the way for other legislation, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in California.  

At the same time, remote access solutions have become more critical than ever as more organizations shift to hybrid and remote work, raising the question of how such technologies can comply with stringent GDPR standards.

As a leading remote access provider, Splashtop doesn’t just observe GDPR compliance; we embed it into our operational DNA. This blog explores how Splashtop upholds GDPR compliance, why we prioritize your data's integrity, and the importance of choosing a GDPR-compliant remote access solution for businesses and individuals. 

What is the GDPR? 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy law enacted by the European Union that helps to create a structure around how businesses should handle personal customer data, especially regarding the digital landscape.  The GDPR follows seven different protection principles as outlined in Article 5.1-2 in the GDPR: 

  1. Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency: Any businesses handling data must do so in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner to the data subject. 

  2. Purpose limitation: Data must be for legitimate business purposes specified explicitly to the data subject when you collected it. 

  3. Data minimization: Businesses should only collect data necessary for business purposes. 

  4. Accuracy: The data that businesses should handle should be accurate and current. 

  5. Storage limitation: Handlers should only store data for as long as necessary.  

  6. Integrity and confidentiality: Handlers should process data in a way that ensures security, integrity, and confidentiality.  

  7. Accountability: The data controller is responsible for being able to demonstrate GDPR compliance with all the above requirements. If unable to demonstrate this, a business cannot be GDPR compliant. 

Is Splashtop GDPR compliant? 

Protecting our customers' personal data is our top priority. Here at Splashtop, we take the following steps to ensure our data handling practices remain GDPR compliant: 

  1. Data protection by design: Splashtop uses affirmative consent options where customers must first opt-in to share their personal data with us upon signup. This gives our customers the choice to withdraw their consent on their own accord. Splashtop only collects and processes personal data that is necessary for us to provide our service to our customers. Any of the customer data we store is encrypted with GDPR security standards and best practices, both in transmission and at rest.  

  2. Data governance: Splashtop identifies and maps all personally identifiable information (PII) we collect, what we do with it, who has access to it, and where it flows. All our third-party service providers are required to sign data process agreements (DPA) to ensure that they are also committed to maintaining GDPR compliance.  

  3. Policies: Splashtop’s privacy and cookie policies comply with GDPR requirements to ensure our users’ rights are protected and spelled out clearly. 

  4. Process and communication: Splashtop utilizes a third-party reviewer to test our GDPR readiness. In addition, we established additional processes and set up proper communication channels to handle all GDPR-related inquiries internally and externally.  

  5. Training and Awareness: We invest in comprehensive training for our staff to ensure they understand the importance of GDPR compliance and are equipped to uphold these standards in their daily work. This internal awareness is key to preventing data breaches and ensuring all team members are stewards of user privacy. 

Through these measures, Splashtop ensures that our remote access solutions meet the requirements of GDPR and embody the spirit of trust and security that the regulation seeks to establish.  For more information regarding Splashtop’s GDPR compliance, please view our privacy policy, compliances, and security features

Why Splashtop Prioritizes GDPR Compliance 

Splashtop prioritizes GDPR compliance because of our core beliefs regarding privacy and data security. By rigorously following GDPR mandates, we provide our users with a service that offers top-tier remote access capabilities and champions their rights to privacy. In a digital age where data is considered a valuable currency, our users need reassurance that their remote access tool is a trusted custodian of their information.

Splashtop’s GDPR compliance is not merely a legal checkbox; it reflects our commitment to protecting our customer's data as our own. This commitment serves as a promise that with Splashtop, users are choosing a partner that values and protects their privacy with the highest standards. 

Choosing a Compliant Remote Access Provider 

When selecting a remote access provider, the assurance of GDPR compliance should be at the forefront of your decision-making process. This compliance demonstrates a provider’s dedication to data protection and a proactive stance on privacy issues. For businesses and individuals alike, Splashtop stands as a paragon of such compliance, offering a promise and a proven track record of upholding stringent GDPR standards. 

Choosing Splashtop means partnering with a provider that understands the intricacies of data protection laws and is committed to maintaining a secure and private service. It's a choice that affirms your value on data security and compliance in today's digital landscape. 

Choose a Partner That Values Your Privacy

GDPR compliance is a legal imperative and a marker of excellence and trust. Splashtop's unwavering commitment to GDPR principles ensures that every user's privacy is respected. Interested in learning how Splashtop can help your team access their workstations remotely?

Learn how Splashtop can provide your team with safe and secure remote access features to keep their workflow going, regardless of location. Check out our Splashtop solutions, or start a free trial now to try it out. 

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Sarah Laoyan
Sarah Laoyan is a content marketing specialist at Splashtop. She's an advocate for any technology that helps improve collaboration for remote workers. When not writing, you can find her knitting or crocheting with a cozy beverage nearby.
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