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How to Mitigate XZ Backdoor Supply Chain Attack

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In the digital age, supply chain attacks have emerged as a sophisticated threat vector, exploiting the interconnectedness of modern software ecosystems. A recent example, the XZ Backdoor Supply Chain Attack (CVE-2024-3094), highlights the critical need for robust cybersecurity defenses. This post explores the attack, its implications, and how Splashtop Secure Workspace can fortify your organization against such vulnerabilities.

Understanding the XZ Backdoor Attack

The backdoor was discovered when a developer detected performance anomalies in the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) within the Linux Debian operating system. A deep dive revealed a flaw that could allow remote execution of arbitrary code via SSH login certificates with a specific encryption key.

The XZ Backdoor was ingeniously embedded within the XZ Utils, a popular compression tool used across multiple Linux distributions. Crafted to escape detection while granting unauthorized access to affected systems, this backdoor could potentially expose sensitive organizational data to cybercriminals. The intricate design and implementation of this backdoor underscore the advanced capabilities of today’s cyber adversaries.

Immediate Mitigation Strategies

Verify and Downgrade XZ on Your Systems

It is crucial to determine if your systems are running the compromised versions (5.6.0 or 5.6.1) of XZ Utils. Organizations can use the command xz --version to check their installed version and should downgrade to the safe, unaffected version 5.4.x as needed. Version information can be cross-checked against databases like Repology.

Utilize Malicious Package Detection Tools

Employ tools such as Binarly, which uses behavioral analysis to detect suspicious IFUNC implementations, and Bitdefender anti-malware, which can help identify and block malicious files associated with compromised XZ packages. These tools are vital for maintaining the integrity of your software supply chain.

Long-Term Protection Leveraging Multi-Layer Zero Trust Security

Deploy Zero Trust Security

The zero trust model—'never trust, always verify'—is essential in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Deploy Splashtop Secure Workspace across your infrastructure to safeguard your Linux servers, as well as other critical systems running on Windows, macOS, and various network equipment.

Prevent Internet-Based SSH Threats

Direct inbound SSH traffic poses a considerable security risk. By configuring SSH access exclusively through Secure Workspace's private applications, both agent-based and agentless, organizations can achieve a robust zero trust access structure. This method effectively shields critical systems from unauthorized access attempts originating from the internet.

Eliminate Implicit Trust

Adopting a zero trust framework means trust must be earned and verified. Secure Workspace enforces multi-factor authentication (MFA) and validates endpoint devices before allowing access. This rigorous verification process ensures that only authenticated users with secure devices can access sensitive resources.

Apply Multi-Layer Zero Trust Protection

To further tighten security, Secure Workspace’s conditional access capabilities can be utilized to enforce geofencing, align access with work schedules, and restrict connections based on IP addresses and device postures. This multi-layered approach ensures that access is dynamically adjusted based on contextual factors, enhancing security without compromising user convenience.

Implement Privileged Access Management

Implementing privileged access management with Splashtop Secure Workspace.

For critical assets or servers requiring third-party access, Secure Workspace allows you to protect privileged accounts using password rotation and password injection. This capability limits the lifespan of privileged credentials and helps minimize the exposure, even during authorized use.

Implement the Least Privilege Model

Fundamental to securing your infrastructure is ensuring that permissions are precisely aligned with user needs. Secure Workspace also offers just-in-time (JIT) and on-demand access, ensuring that users are granted access only at the necessary time and for the necessary duration, effectively minimizing the potential for insider threats or accidental data exposure.

Real-Time Monitoring and Session Control

Monitoring and oversight are key to detecting and responding to potential security issues in real-time. Secure Workspace allows you to monitor user activities in real-time, record sessions for audit purposes, and terminate suspicious sessions proactively. These features are crucial for immediate threat detection and response.


As infrastructures evolve and become more complex, the likelihood of supply chain attacks grows. The XZ backdoor incident is a stark reminder of the risks posed by these attacks. Splashtop Secure Workspace offers a comprehensive, integrated solution that streamlines the implementation of zero trust across diverse elements such as SSE, PAM, Identity Broker, SWG, DNS Filtering, CASB, and RBI, thereby boosting the efficiency and security of access management.

Don’t wait for the next big cyber threat to test your defenses. Upgrade your cybersecurity with Splashtop Secure Workspace today and ensure your infrastructure is protected against the unforeseen challenges ahead. Start a trial today to see how Splashtop can empower your cybersecurity efforts.

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Yanlin Wang, VP of Advanced Technology
Yanlin Wang
As VP of Advanced Technology at Splashtop, Yanlin Wang is the driving force behind the Splashtop Secure Workspace. With over 20 years of leadership experience with companies like Fortinet, Centrify, and ArcSight/HP Software – Yanlin has remained at the forefront of the security technology space, with proven experience building award-winning software and top-tier teams. His strong business acumen is evidenced by his multiple patents and contributions to global M&A transactions. Away from the corporate world, his interests include running, table tennis, and calligraphy.
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