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OSZ IMT – Remote Access to Lab Computers with Splashtop

OSZ IMT choose Splashtop due to better customer service experience


When the OSZ IMT campus was shut down due to COVID-19, students and teachers were unable to physically access the school’s lab computers. The high performance lab computers hosted the software applications students needed to use for their education. Without access to the lab computers, the students were unable to continue their coursework.

With Splashtop for remote labs, students were able to remotely access and control lab computers from their own devices., thus enabling OSZ IMT to provide students and teachers with the computing resources they needed while learning remotely.


Many students taking courses at OSZ IMT rely on the lab computers located on the school’s campus to do their coursework. OSZ IMT teaches students to master software applications including AutoCAD, Revit, and Inventor to prepare them optimally for their careers.

However, when COVID-19 shutdown the campus, students had no way to physically access the lab computers in-person

“We are an IT school and offer dual training for technical designers,” said Stefan Babst, Head of Department II at OSZ IMT, “Due to COVID-19, students and teachers were not allowed into our school. At the same time, the applications we teach students only run on high-performance computers. These software applications are used to create 3D structures and buildings, which requires powerful computers that our students and teachers do not have at home.”

This meant that students and teachers had no way to access the software programs they needed. The only way they could access the software was through the lab computers located on campus.

Babst and the rest of the team at OSZ IMT needed to find a solution that would give students and teachers access to the lab computers from their homes.


While looking for a solution, Babst eventually found Splashtop remote desktop software.

Splashtop is an ideal solution for education as it enables students and teachers to remotely control lab computers from any computer, tablet, or mobile device (including Chromebooks). When an end-user remotely accesses a lab computer, they can take control of it, open any file, and run any program as if they were actually sitting in front of it.

Splashtop is a great solution since it allows schools to leverage their existing IT infrastructure (no need to invest in new hardware) while giving students a way to access school-provided computing resources from home.

Splashtop gave OSZ IMT the solution it needed to overcome the challenge faced by students and teachers. OSZ IMT was able to quickly transition to remote learning and resume classes while students and teachers remotely accessed school lab computers from home.


Splashtop stood out to Babst due to the outstanding customer service Splashtop provided, the scheduled remote access feature, low price, and reliability.

Even before OSZ IMT purchased Splashtop, Babst was pleased to see the level of customer service he experienced from Splashtop.

“During the evaluation… we suggested an improvement in the Splashtop admin console in order to better program the release times,” said Babst, “The Splashtop team implemented our suggestions quickly. Splashtop was very reactive to our requests.”

Babst was also impressed with the scheduled remote access feature, which enabled the IT administrators to set up a schedule for groups of students to access the lab computers at pre-determined time slots.

“[Before Splashtop] we tried other software products, however, we noticed that access to the laboratories was not optimal,” said Babst, “We usually have 90 minute blocks of lessons. After 90 minutes the class changes. The quick switch off and rescheduling after the 90 minutes did not go well with other types of software.”

With the scheduled remote access feature in Splashtop, OSZ IMT was easily able to set a schedule so that only specific groups of 18-30 students were allowed to remotely access computers in a certain lab during class time.

Other highlights Babst mentioned include Splashtop’s low price when compared to other remote access products, and the reliability of Splashtop despite the resource-intensive applications students were accessing remotely. Overall, Babst is pleased with his decision to choose Splashtop.

Splashtop offers high performance and highly secure remote access solution for schools, districts, and universities. Start your free trial today to see for yourself how easy it can be to provide your students and faculty with access to on-campus machines. Or learn more about Splashtop for remote labs.



Oberstufenzentrum Informations und Medizintechnik, Berlin (OSZ IMT) offers students various vocational courses in IT hardware, software development, networking, electronics, and medical equipment engineering. The school comprises of 3,000 students and 160 teachers.

OSZ IMT provides its students and faculty with high quality technical equipment in its classrooms and laboratories, including more than 1,000 high performance computers. These computers are vital as they enable students to learn how to use the software applications needed in their fields.

About Splashtop remote access software

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  • Use the scheduled remote access features to schedule open lab hours and specialized lab sessions enabling different groups of students to remotely access the computer lab during their scheduled class time.

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What Customers are Saying

“During the evaluation, [the Splashtop team] came at the right moment. Both our support requests and data protection issues were quickly resolved… Splashtop was very reactive to our requests.”

Stefan Babst - Head of Department II, OSZ IMT

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