High-Performance, Secure Remote Access to Mac Computers

Get superior quality audio and video streaming during remote sessions

Remotely access Mac computers from any computer or mobile device including Chromebooks, and work as if you were sitting right in front of the computer.

With Splashtop’s high-performance remote connections to Mac computers, users can:

  • Carry out processor-intensive tasks like creating 3D models, animations, VFX, audio-video syncing, video editing, graphics rendering, and much more, on remote Mac computers in real-time.
  • Use applications like Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and many more that are on remote Mac computers from any device, at any time.
Remote mac video editing

Creatives in fields like media, entertainment, architecture, design, gaming, and more can leverage the processing power of their Mac workstations, at any time from home

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Remote mac lab

Educational institutions can support distance learning or hybrid learning programs by enabling students to access on-campus Mac lab computers

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Splashtop’s high-performance features for Macs include:

  • iMac Pro Retina 5K streaming, at low latency
  • High-quality audio streaming
  • Reduced CPU utilization providing more CPU headroom to process applications
  • Ability to customize Splashtop settings to optimize performance for the usage model
  • Optimizations to take advantage of the latest hardware acceleration

Preferred Solution for Remotely Accessing Mac Computers

High Performance

Get high performance, multi-monitor, audio and video streaming
Work from home

Remote into Macs with any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chromebook device
Robust Security

Get secure remote connections with multiple levels of security and compliance
Integrate with Single Sign-On

Integrate with Single Sign-On for easy, secure and centralized authentication
Remote Wake

Choose cloud or on-premise deployment

Splashtop integrates with Jamf Pro, allowing Jamf Pro Admins to easily deploy and configure Splashtop on managed Macs and enable employees or students to remotely access the computers.

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  • Solutions specifically designed for providing student access to shared Windows or Mac lab computers
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Configure audio streaming during a Mac remote session using Splashtop

Users can configure sound to be either on the remote/host device or on the local device by going in the remote/host devices’ Splashtop Streamer application, on the Settings tab. To stream audio, users will need to install the sound driver, which requires a reboot and may require security and privacy permissions (Catalina & Mojave). Read more about how to set up sound.

Sometimes after opening some other third-party software on the remote Mac, such as Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere, users might have to re-configure sound settings. Read more to see how to change the sound settings.