Splashtop Remote Desktop to Chrome OS

Secure, Fast, and Reliable Remote Access to and from Chromebooks

Remotely View Chromebooks From Another Device to Provide Remote Support

Need to provide remote support to an end-user on a Chromebook?

Splashtop enables IT and Help Desk the ability to remotely access and view the screen of a remote Chromebook in real time. By remote viewing the Chromebook, you can easily help your end-user troubleshoot and resolve the issue on their Chromebook.

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Remotely View and Provide Remote Support to Chromebooks
Remotely View and Provide Remote Support to Chromebooks

How To Remote View Chromebooks from Splashtop

Using a 9-digit Session Code

Splashtop SOS technicians can guide their end-users on Chromebook to install the Splashtop SOS App from the Google Play store. Once they run the app, they’ll get a 9-digit session code which you can then use to initiate the remote viewing session.

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Using the Splashtop Streamer

Splashtop Remote Support Premium subscribers can leverage the Android Splashtop Streamer to launch remote connections to Chromebooks. Deploy the streamer onto the Chromebooks you want to access to remote view them whenever you want (an end user needs to be present on the Chromebook to accept the remote session).

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If you’re a large enterprise that wants an all-in-one solution for employee remote access and IT remote support, check out Splashtop Enterprise.

Remotely Control Windows & Mac Computers from a Chromebook

Use your Chromebook to launch remote connections to another computer. The Splashtop Business Chrome App enables you to remotely control your Windows and Mac computers from your Chromebook. Working from home or remotely with a Chromebook has never been easier. Enjoy full access & control over your remote computer’s apps, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, QuickBooks, and more. You can also connect an additional monitor to your Chromebook to mirror the multi-monitor setup of your remote computer.

Great for work from home, distance learning, and student Chromebook access to remote labs!

How To Get Set Up

Step 1: Start your free trial of Splashtop Business Access and set up the computers you want to access (no commitment or credit card required to get started).

Remote access from Chromebooks is also available in Splashtop Remote Support Splashtop SOS.

Step 2: Get the free Splashtop Business App for your Chromebook device.

Chromebook With Business Access
Chromebook With Business Access