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How Splashtop Secure Workspace Protects Media & Entertainment IP

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In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, the rise of remote and distributed teams is reshaping how content is created, from blockbuster films to binge-worthy series.

This shift towards geographically dispersed teams, including third-party contractors and specialized service providers, necessitates a new approach to managing proprietary and confidential information. With these teams often requiring limited yet critical access to sensitive materials such as scripts and production footage, the stakes for robust cybersecurity have never been higher.

The importance of protecting intellectual property in the media and entertainment industry cannot be overstated—particularly amidst escalating cybersecurity threats that can jeopardize entire projects. IT leaders and administrators face unique challenges in safeguarding their studios’ assets. The complexity involved in managing access for large-scale productions highlights the urgent need for an effective solution that accommodates the intricate nature of these productions and the broad landscape of potential cybersecurity threats.

Recognizing this urgent need, Splashtop Secure Workspace steps in as a comprehensive cybersecurity solution meticulously designed to meet the unique demands of the media and entertainment industry. By incorporating advanced features such as zero trust security, privileged access management, and high-performance secure remote access, Splashtop Secure Workspace provides protection and enhances the efficiency and productivity of creative teams operating worldwide.

In this blog post, we will explore how Splashtop Secure Workspace can transform cybersecurity practices within the industry, ensuring that your intellectual assets are well-protected without stifling the creative process.

The Imperative of Cybersecurity in Media Production

As the media and entertainment industry increasingly adopts remote production models, the need to secure intellectual property has never been more critical. Large-scale productions involve hundreds of contributors—from directors and actors to post-production teams—who all need access to sensitive data at various project stages. This access must be meticulously controlled to prevent leaks and unauthorized use, which could lead to substantial financial losses and irreparable damage to the studio’s reputation.

Challenges in Securing Distributed Teams

The media and entertainment production environment presents specific challenges for IT leaders and administrators. These include:

  • Large-Scale Access Management: Managing access permissions for a large and often fluctuating number of team members and contractors scattered across different locations adds complexity to network security.

  • Sensitive Information Protection: Highly confidential materials like scripts and raw footage must be accessible enough not to hinder productivity yet secure enough to minimize the risk of exposure.

  • Dynamic Cybersecurity Threat Landscape: The industry is a high-value target for cyberattacks, including ransomware and data breaches. Each incident of intellectual property theft incurs direct financial losses and long-term reputational damage.

Zero Trust: A Strategic Response

Adopting zero trust principles offers a robust framework to address these challenges. Zero trust security models operate on the premise that no entity, inside or outside the network, should be trusted by default. This approach is particularly effective in environments where high-value data is accessed across varied and widely distributed locations.

  • Enhanced Security Posture Management: With zero trust, every access request is thoroughly vetted, regardless of origin. Every device, user, and network connection is authenticated and authorized under strict policy enforcement before being granted access to resources.

  • Granular Access Controls: This method allows precise control over who can access what data, when, and under which circumstances—essential for projects involving many third-party contributors.

Splashtop Secure Workspace: Tailored for Media and Entertainment

Splashtop Secure Workspace has been designed with these industry-specific challenges in mind, giving studios a powerful solution to address challenges posed by distributed workforces, third-party vendors, multi-cloud migration, complex network access, and credentials management. It offers a unified platform that not only adheres to zero trust principles but also supports the high-performance demands of media production environments by offering:

  • Security Service Edge (SSE): SSE capabilities streamline security management across diverse networking environments, including secure web gateways and cloud access security. By centralizing these services, Splashtop helps media and entertainment companies enforce consistent security policies across all digital assets, ensuring robust protection against external threats and internal vulnerabilities. This is crucial for companies managing a mix of on-premise and cloud-based resources.

  • Privileged Access Management (PAM): PAM capabilities ensure access rights are granted according to the principle of least privilege, reducing the risk of insider threats and data breaches.

  • Affordable, High-Performance Solutions: Despite its robust security features, Splashtop Secure Workspace is also designed to be cost-effective and easy to deploy, ensuring that even small to mid-sized studios can afford the same level of security as larger corporations.

  • Seamless Integration: The platform integrates smoothly with existing IT systems, vital for minimizing downtime and disruption during the setup phase.

By implementing Splashtop Secure Workspace, media and entertainment companies can secure their creative processes against the evolving threats of the digital age. This ensures that their valuable intellectual property remains protected while fostering a remote production environment.

Modernizing IP Security: From Physical Constraints to Digital Freedom

In the world of high-stakes media production, the lengths studios go to protect intellectual property can border on the cinematic themselves. Consider the case of Christopher Nolan's film Oppenheimer, where the script was given to Robert Downey Jr. on red paper printed in black—a tactic designed to prevent photocopying and minimize memory retention of its contents. Such methods, while creative, underscore the desperate measures studios are forced to adopt to secure sensitive material against leaks.

While effective in their own right, these traditional methods of protecting intellectual property have drawbacks. They are cumbersome, hard to scale, and can create barriers to the fluid collaboration necessary in modern filmmaking. Splashtop Secure Workspace offers a more sophisticated, scalable, and secure solution.

Splashtop Secure Workspace ensures access to sensitive assets is tightly controlled and monitored. The platform enhances security measures by incorporating granular control over access to intellectual property. This sophisticated approach allows studios to specify and enforce how assets are accessed on various dimensions, providing both controlled and limited access that can be tailored to specific needs. Here are more detailed capabilities of the platform:

  • Unified zero trust controls: Granular access control to applications across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS environments and across numerous dimensions, including user identity, device posture, network, application, privilege and entitlement, and data sensitivity. This ensures that sensitive intellectual property remains protected while facilitating efficient collaboration among geographically dispersed teams and contractors in minutes.

  • Zero-touch provisioning: An automated onboarding process provides rapid access to essential applications, whether cloud-based or on-premises. Access can later be revoked from one centralized point.

  • Just-in-time & on-demand access: Secure, JIT on-demand access for third-party vendors, contractors, and partners with rights strictly for the duration and scope necessary to complete their tasks and not a moment longer. This method drastically reduces the window of opportunity for unauthorized access or misuse.

  • Secrets management & AD PW rotation: Zero-knowledge secrets vault that manages individual and organizational credentials, facilitating secure sharing of secrets like passwords, API keys, and one-time tokens.

  • Monitoring and telemetry data: By leveraging telemetry from endpoints, IT can proactively identify and mitigate potential security threats. Audit logs and session recordings provide vital tools for training, compliance, forensic analysis, and legal purposes.

  • High-performance secure internet access: Accelerated network capabilities leveraging SD-WAN and smart routing deliver access four times faster than a typical internet connection, optimizing the user experience and performance for remote/distributed employees.

Splashtop Secure Workspace offers a comprehensive, customizable solution that secures intellectual property while facilitating the flexible, dynamic workflow that modern media production demands.

Get Started with Splashtop Secure Workspace

By integrating Splashtop Secure Workspace into their security frameworks, studios can modernize and streamline their processes to fortify the protection surrounding their most valuable information and content. This system reduces the risk of leaks and provides efficiency and flexibility that do not inhibit performance, allowing creative teams to focus on what they do best: creating unforgettable media content. Through Splashtop, studios can maintain the highest security standards without sacrificing the pace and creativity essential to the modern media landscape.

We invite IT leaders and administrators to see firsthand how Splashtop Secure Workspace can transform their security strategy and enhance operational efficiency. Sign up today for a free trial and experience peace of mind knowing your intellectual property is protected by the most advanced security technology.

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