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Eduroam Enhanced: Foxpass as Your Secure Global RADIUS Server

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"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller

In today’s world, university and even K-12 staff and students work across multiple campuses. To do this, internet access is essential. For this reason, Eduroam was created!

Eduroam (Education Roaming) stands out as a beacon of global networking excellence. The cherry on top is that Foxpass can serve as the robust RADIUS server behind this network, offering dual options for authentication: SCEP RADIUS-based and traditional username and password-based. We will dive into the synergistic relationship between Eduroam and Foxpass.

Understanding Eduroam: A Revolution in Academic Networking

Eduroam is more than just a Wi-Fi network; it's a collaborative initiative to simplify the lives of students, faculty, and researchers. Imagine entering a campus on the other side of the globe and connecting instantly to a secure, fast network using your home institution's login credentials. That's Eduroam for you!

Key Features that Make Eduroam Indispensable:

  • Global Reach: Operational in over 100 countries, making it a truly international service.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Utilizes state-of-the-art encryption and authentication protocols.

  • Convenience Reimagined: Single sign-on (SSO) using your existing credentials.

  • Ubiquitous Access: Available in lecture halls, libraries, cafeterias, and even outdoor campus spaces – wherever your access points are located.

The Unparalleled Importance of Eduroam in Modern Education

Facilitating Global Learning and Research

Gone are the days when research and education were confined to physical boundaries. With Eduroam, a researcher from Australia can easily continue their work while attending a seminar in Europe or the United States, for example.

Setting the Gold Standard for Security and Reliability

Data privacy and network security are more critical today than ever before. Eduroam’s robust security protocols make it one of the most secure educational networks globally.

How a RADIUS Server Powers Eduroam

Behind the scenes of this global network is a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server that validates each login attempt. The server communicates with the home institution's authentication services to verify credentials and authorize access, effectively serving as the backbone of the Eduroam service.

WB Alliance & OpenRoaming

Eduroam & Foxpass are both members of the non-profit WB Alliance / OpenRoaming. OpenRoaming hopes to allow users to connect to networks worldwide without reauthenticating a given device to a given network. Eduroam is already doing this for many teachers and students worldwide on the Eduroam Network. Companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Intel, Cisco, etc., sponsor the WB Alliance. Foxpass is overjoyed to be included in this alliance, which provides for Eduroam.

Foxpass: The Swiss Army Knife of RADIUS Servers for Eduroam

Foxpass enhances Eduroam by offering unparalleled flexibility through two different but equally secure authentication methods: SCEP RADIUS-based and the classic username and password-based.

Elevating Security with SCEP

Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) allows for secure, automatic certificate issuance. By employing Foxpass as a SCEP RADIUS-based server for Eduroam, educational institutions can use digital certificates for an extra layer of secure network authentication.

Time-Honored Username and Password-Based Access

For those who prefer to stick with traditional methods, Foxpass supports classic username and password-based authentication. In fact, a user can log in using their Okta, Onelogin, Google WorkSpace, or Office 365 account, if the IT team decides to sync users via one of those methods. We love syncing using one of these methods, as a user is de-provisioned from Foxpass/Eduroam when they are de-provisioned from one of the aforementioned systems.

Additional Benefits of Using Foxpass as Your Eduroam RADIUS Server

  • Limitless Scalability: Designed to meet the needs of institutions, whether they have hundreds of users or tens of thousands.

  • Seamless Integration: Foxpass can integrate with popular cloud identity providers like Google Workspace or Office 365.

  • Unmatched Monitoring and Analytics: You can view log-in attempts

  • Compliance Made Easy: With Foxpass, meeting industry compliance standards like HIPAA, FERPA, COPA, etc., becomes far less cumbersome.

Crafting a Synergistic Future for Academic Networking

In the ever-evolving academic research and education landscape, Eduroam and Foxpass emerge as perfect companions. Together, they not only provide the basic tenets of secure and accessible networking but also offer the flexibility that modern educational institutions need. Through its dual authentication options and robust security features, Foxpass acts as the perfect RADIUS server for Eduroam, further enriching the educational experience for academia worldwide.

For more detailed insights into how Foxpass can supercharge your Eduroam experience, feel free to Contact Us today.

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