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MSP managed service provider using Splashtop to enable work from home computer access to clients

My IT Indy Enables Clients to Work From Home with Remote Access

How a Managed Service Provider (MSP) helped small businesses achieve resilience during the pandemic


Ryan Grimes, President of My IT Indy, explained how during the COVID19 crisis his company used Splashtop Business Access to enable small businesses in Indiana to continue running from the safety of their homes.

Splashtop Business Access is a remote desktop access tool that enables users to access their computers on the go. Thanks to Splashtop, My IT Indy’s deployment of remote access capabilities was fast, simple and inexpensive.

Ryan said that “When COVID hit Indianan communities, most businesses who could work from home did immediately.” However, he elaborated further, “While many other businesses did have the potential to move remotely, they did not know how to.”

How My IT Indy Helped Indiana Businesses Achieve Resilience With Splashtop Remote Access Solutions

Before extending remote capabilities to clients, My IT Indy evaluated several products that could allow them to set up clients for working work from home.

According to My IT Indy, Splashtop Business Access checked all of the boxes for their needs. “It was super easy to deploy via our RMM utility to replace the version already installed, and it was not super expensive,” said Ryan.

My IT Indy did a trial run with clients to enable them to use Splashtop, and they immediately loved it. The company continued to test the software and, when they fine-tuned the process, they enabled all their clients to utilize Splashtop.

Ryan Grimes explained that Splashtop worked very well. “It was also fast and easy-to-use. It even worked on an LTE iPad + Magic Trackpad, which is nice,” said Ryan.

The Results

In the end, My IT Indy found the solution they needed for their clients with Splashtop.

My IT Indy had used a variety of tools and, over the years, they were either bought up, integrated into other systems or increased their prices to the point of being unaffordable. With Splashtop Business Access, My IT Indy was able to get a cost-effective and reliable remote access solution for Indiana businesses.

That’s because Splashtop was not only reasonably priced but also did not have a history of price increases like other remote access providers.

Moving Forward – Together

Ryan said that to move forward during these trying times, we need to stay positive, and he confidently believes that My IT Indy can be “the calm in the storm. This situation 'is what it is,' and how we react to it will determine how we make it out of it. Be as helpful and giving as you can be."

Ryan’s words resonated soundly with Splashtop. The COVID-19 coronavirus was a vivid reminder of why Splashtop started in the first place: to help individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals and other organizations become more flexible by incorporating effective work-at-home solutions into their operations.

That’s why, in response to COVID-19 Splashtop heavily discounted its remote access products.


About My IT Indy

As a full-service MSP for business clients, My IT Indy provides IT services needed to run a business. This includes computer management, network management, VoIP systems and security for their businesses.

Splashtop Business Access

Splashtop Business Access is a remote desktop access tool that enables you to access your computers on the go. With it, you can access your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chromebook device.

You’ll be able to control your computer and access all your applications, files and data. Try it for free (with no credit card required).

What Customers are Saying

We utilize a lot of technology to assist our clients. Remote access applications like Splashtop enable us to not only help them remotely, but also enable them to work remotely as well and to stay open.

Ryan Grimes, President of My IT Indy

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