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Representative effectively supporting 450 endpoints remotely with the help of Splashtop solution

Why HCS Computer Solutions Loves Splashtop Remote Support Premium

This Managed Service Provider (MSP) remotely supports 450 endpoints with a Splashtop solution


HCS Computer Solutions, LLC is a commercial managed service provider based in Warsaw, Missouri. The company offers a variety of services to small businesses with 1-100 employees, including standard (break/fix) support, consultations and remote monitoring/management

As the only MSP in their county, HCS Computer Solutions services major health and rehab centers, a 911 call center, their county and city government offices, law enforcement and five county health departments across the state. The company is able to support a total of 450 endpoints with only two internal users thanks to the affordable price, dependability and user-friendly interface of Splashtop Remote Support Premium.

To serve clients who rely on their IT infrastructure to perform vital public services, HCS Computer Solutions needs to proactively monitor their endpoints and act on warnings before they become problems. Henry Starcher, owner of HCS Computer Solutions, describes this challenge.

“We have around 50 physical servers out there,” said Starcher. “It is highly critical that I monitor and get alerts if they go offline. Then I can entertain whether I have a server problem or an ISP problem, which we have more than our fair share of where I’m located. Splashtop Remote Support Premium helps us monitor a whole lot.” 

HCS Computer Solutions and Splashtop Remote Support Premium

Splashtop Remote Support Premium is an ideal solution for MSPs like HCS Computer Solutions who need to monitor, manage, and support their clients’ computers or servers. It includes unattended remote access, file transfer, session recording, multi monitor support and more.

Remote Support Premium also comes with a comprehensive set of tools to help MSPs easily monitor their managed endpoints, including:

  • Configurable Alerts: Set up custom alerts to monitor CPU utilization, memory usage, disk space, computer online/offline, software install/uninstall, Windows update policy status and available Windows updates.

  • View Event Logs: Quickly access computer event logs without the need to remote into the computer.

  • Remote Command: Send commands to a remote Windows or Mac computer’s command prompt in the background.

  • System Inventory: Check and take snapshots of system inventory information (including system, hardware and software information), compare snapshots, and view change logs between snapshots to identify changes.

  • Windows Update Management: View a remote computer’s update policy, update history, check for Windows updates, and schedule update installs.

  • Alerts for Windows Events: Monitor Windows Event Logs by setting alerts when an event log’s criteria matches the triggers you set.

  • Scheduled Actions: Create, schedule, monitor and execute System Reboot and Windows Update actions on remote computers.

  • Endpoint Security: View endpoint security status for Windows computers running Bitdefender, Windows Defender, Kaspersky and more.

Starcher mentioned how the Configurable Alerts and Windows Update Management features have been especially helpful to him. They ensure that he knows when new Windows updates are available, allow him to conveniently schedule updates for the machines he manages and enable him to check the update status of those devices.

Starcher also praised the Remote Command feature, which sends commands to a remote computer’s command prompt in the background.

Overall, Starcher reported being extremely satisfied with how Splashtop Remote Support Premium helps him run HCS Computer Solutions. With anytime unattended access, he’s able to provide remote support to his clients whenever needed.

“When people put tickets in, we take a look at their issues,” Starcher said. “If it’s something noncritical in nature, we put them into queue and use remote access after hours–at night or early in the morning–to get in and work on it.”

In addition to their Remote Support Premium license for remote access, monitoring, and management, Starcher and his general manager Rachel Wolf each have a Splashtop SOS license, so that they can concurrently provide attended quick support their clients.

“We have a smattering of clients that aren’t on contract that we do [break/fix] work for,” said Starcher. “Having that SOS icon on their desktop simplifies our lives a lot of the time.”

Moreover, Splashtop has helped HCS Computer Solutions reduce costs and scale their business by acquiring new clients.

“Because of Splashtop’s pricing, HCS can have more people on,” said Starcher. “When we dumped LogMeIn, we were able to save around $2,500 per year, so that increased the number of clients that we were able to put streamer on, maintain continuously and add into our contract. LogMeIn was kind of prohibitive, but Splashtop’s pricing is so good that it helps our clients and helps us.”

Finally, Starcher started reselling remote access to his end users, thus improving his service offering while generating additional revenue. HCS Computer Solutions currently has 12 clients who have purchased licenses from them to remotely access their devices.

The Results

In the end, HCS Computer Solutions found the solution they needed with Splashtop. They had used other RMM and remote access products before, but they did not get the features, experience and pricing that they were looking for.

Comparing Splashtop with Autotask, Starcher said, “We tried Autotask, but we didn’t like the way their RMM worked. It seemed kind of complicated and funky whereas Splashtop isn’t. We get all of our monitoring and management features from Premium.”

With Splashtop Remote Support Premium, Starcher was able to get a cost-effective remote support solution that helps him and his partner support their growing number of endpoints.

Splashtop Remote Support Premium is a best value, high-performing, user-friendly alternative to remote access/support products like LogMeIn Central. It can also be used in place of more expensive, complicated RMM tools.


About HCS Computer Solutions

HCS Computer Solutions uses Splashtop Remote Support Premium to support 450 endpoints with only two internal users. The company’s clients include a 911 call center as well as multiple government and health organizations who require secure, dependable remote management of their servers and computers. Since switching to Splashtop from LogMeIn, HCS Computer Solutions has been able to grow their business with significant savings and expand their client offerings by reselling remote access.

Why Choose Splashtop

Here’s why MSPs like HCS Computer Solutions prefer Splashtop Remote Support Premium:

  • Splashtop Remote Support Premium saves MSPs 70% or more when compared to other products like LogMeIn Premier.

  • MSPs can easily grow and scale their business thanks to Splashtop’s low pricing.

  • MSPs can increase their service offering and generate additional revenue by reselling remote access to their end-users.

  • Splashtop Remote Support Premium includes the top tools and features needed to monitor and manage endpoints, and to complete daily IT tasks with ease.

Remote Support Premium

Splashtop Remote Support Premium is designed for MSPs and IT professionals who are looking for a solution that offers computer management and control features, in addition to remote access.

Support Windows and Mac computers from any Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device.

  • High Performance: Splashtop Remote Support Premium is powered by the same award-winning remote access engine found in Splashtop’s personal use solutions. Enjoy fast connections with HD quality and sound.

  • Top Features: Splashtop Remote Support Premium comes with the top features MSPs and IT teams need, including file transfer, chat, remote wake, remote reboot, session recording, user and computer management, grouping and more.

  • Low Price: Splashtop can save you over 80% when compared to other solutions. Plus, Splashtop doesn’t have a history of price increases like other remote access providers.

Repproviding efficient remote support using Splashtop Remote Support Premium at a call center

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