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Technician remotely accessing radio tower computers using Splashtop

ClassX Radio – Remote Access to Radio Tower Computers

Getting better functionality and a lower price with Splashtop over TeamViewer


After TeamViewer started cracking down on free users to try to get them to purchase an expensive commercial license, ClassX Radio turned to Splashtop Business Access for their remote access needs. Splashtop Business Access is faster, comes with the same top features, and costs almost 90% less than TeamViewer.

The Challenge

ClassX Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day to listeners spread out across the Greater Cincinnati area. To reach their audience, ClassX Radio relies on several radio towers to amplify the reach of their signal. Each tower site has a local computer that is used to maintain and control the tower. Since each tower site is separated by some distance, ClassX Radio needs remote access software so they can quickly access the computers at each tower site.

“Without remote access, our stations can go off the air requiring us to drive to the tower to take care of the issues,” said Bill Spry, owner of ClassX Radio. Issues such as these require immediate action, which makes it imperative to have a reliable remote access solution on hand.

Before switching to Splashtop, ClassX Radio used TeamViewer’s free remote access package. However, in the last few months TeamViewer has been cracking down on their free users in an effort to get them to purchase one of their expensive commercial licenses.

Spry explained to us the frustrations he had with TeamViewer:

“TeamViewer would give us constant pop ups on our mobile app stating that they suspect that we are a commercial business. We had been receiving this same pop up for months, despite the fact that we are NOT a commercial business, but rather a non-profit charitable organization. About one week ago, they would limit our mobile app time to around 60 seconds after which they would cut our connection and make us wait 10 minutes before they would allow us to reconnect for an additional minute.”

Getting only 60 seconds of remote access time and then having to wait 10 minutes made the free version of TeamViewer useless for ClassX Radio. And purchasing a commercial plan from TeamViewer wasn’t viable either since TeamViewer is known to have some of the highest prices in the industry.

“Their lowest rate for us as a non-profit was terribly high,” said Spry, “it was a price we just could not afford.”

CLASSX Radio Chooses Splashtop to Replace Teamviewer

With TeamViewer no longer suitable, Spry began researching new remote access products, leading him to find Splashtop. “We happened upon Splashtop Business Access and downloaded it to try it out,” Spry said.

Splashtop Business Access is a high performance remote access solution for business professionals and teams. With it, you can easily access your remote Windows and Mac computers from any other computer, tablet or mobile device. Splashtop provides the fastest and most reliable remote connections. Plus, with a price starting at just $5/month, Spry was eager to start a free trial.

After trying it out, Spry subscribed ClassX Radio to Splashtop Business Access. He was able to get Splashtop up and running in no time. “Implementation was easy,” said Spry, “Easy to understand, kind of plug and play. Not much thinking involved especially for someone already used to using remote desktop solutions.”

The Results

With Splashtop, ClassX Radio immediately benefitted in two big ways.

First, they had a reliable remote access solution with Splashtop Business Access. They were able to remote into the computers at their tower sites from their mobile devices and perform any task with ease.

Second, they saved a ton of money, which is especially important for a non-profit organization. TeamViewer starts at $50.90/month ($610.80/year) whereas Splashtop Business Access starts at $5/month ($60/year). That’s almost a 90% saving when you choose Splashtop over TeamViewer.

(See our Splashtop vs. TeamViewer comparison)

After switching from TeamViewer to Splashtop, Spry couldn’t be happier: “We have always been willing to pay for a remote solution. We purchased Remote Admin a long time ago but they do not offer a mobile app. With TeamViewer, their rates are exceedingly high, too high for this non-profit to consider paying. Our experience with Splashtop so far is that it is as easy to use and understand as TeamViewer or Remote Admin. It offers an easy to use mobile app and a very low and reasonable annual price. We are sold! Thank you Splashtop!”


About ClassX Radio

ClassX Radio – WMWX – (owned by Spryex Communications, Inc.) is a non-profit, classic rock station based in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. ClassX Radio owns three radio stations and a network that provides programming to other radio stations.

Splashtop Business Access

For business professionals and teams. Splashtop Business Access is remote access made simple. Remote to your Windows or Mac computer from any other Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chromebook device.

  • High Performance: Splashtop Business Access is powered by Splashtop’s award-winning remote access engine, which gives fast connections with HD quality and sound.

  • Top Features: Splashtop Business Access comes with the top features needed in a remote access tool, including file transfer, remote print, remote wake, user management and a robust security infrastructure.

  • Low Price: Splashtop won’t charge you an arm and a leg, and won’t raise your prices annually like other remote access products. Splashtop Business Access starts at just $5/month!

What Customers are Saying

Our experience with Splashtop so far is that it is as easy to use and understand as TeamViewer or Remote Admin. It offers an easy to use mobile app and a very low and reasonable annual price. We are sold! Thank you, Splashtop!

Bill Spry

Outsourced IT providing next-generation enterprise solution remotely with Splashtop

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