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High school student utilizing Splashtop's remote software to access a 3D modeling program

Asheville High School Enables Remote CTE Computer Animation and Game Design Classes

Remote access to lab computers provides unexpected benefits for students

At a Glance

Asheville High School, part of the Asheville (North Carolina) City Schools district, responded to the closure of its computer labs from the pandemic by providing Career and Technical Education (CTE) students with remote access to lab computers so they could run the software required for their computer animation and game arts classes.

From Asheville High School

Splashtop fills our need perfectly. We can do the full curriculum for the animation and game arts programs, using the lessons already developed prior to the pandemic.

Kathryn B., Teacher

The Challenge: Pandemic halts in-person computer lab access

Kathryn Bradley teaches the computer animation and game arts classes at Asheville High School, which are two CTE electives students can take. Bradley’s class prepares students for careers in TV and movie production, advertising, game design, architecture and more.

Students use the Mac workstations in the school’s computer labs to run the software they need for these classes, which include Adobe Creative Suite, Blender and Unity as well as other 3D computer graphics, animation, video and game design apps.

Access to these software programs is vital for Bradley’s classes, so when COVID-19 shut down the campus, the students had no way to access the software they needed to continue their learning experience.

“When the pandemic first closed access to the computer labs, it was terrible,” said Bradley.

The Solution: Splashtop enables remote computer lab access

Needing to find a way to give the students access to the school-provided resources they needed, Asheville High School sought out a solution that would enable students to access the school lab computers from their own devices at home.

Asheville High School decided to deploy Splashtop for remote labs for Kathryn Bradley’s CTE classes. With Splashtop, students can remotely access and control lab computers from their own computers, tablets and Chromebook devices.

During the high-performance remote connections (which provide 4k streaming), students can see the screen of the lab computer in real time. They can remotely control it and run any of the software applications as if they were sitting in the lab.

“Splashtop fills our need perfectly,” said Bradley. “We can do the full curriculum for the animation and game arts programs, using the lessons already developed prior to the pandemic.”

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Results: Remote access enhances student engagement 24/7

An unexpected benefit of Splashtop for remote labs is that students now have access to the Mac lab computers outside of class time as well. They can remotely access the lab continues any time, from anywhere.

“There’s a huge advantage allowing students to use the animation and game-design applications whenever they want to, even if it’s at 2 am while eating cold pizza in their bedrooms,” said Bradley.

The additional access gives students more time to use the software apps they need and helps them become more responsible for their time and study commitments.

“It’s hard to teach that kind of responsibility, but the more fluid access to the lab software has turned out to accelerate the process for many of our students,” she said.

High School student using Splashtop's Remote Software to access 3D Model Program

Bonus: Remote Access Success Spreads Beyond Initial Implementation

After seeing the success of Splashtop software in the animation and game arts programs, Asheville High School is exploring expanding to other classes. For example, the engineering department is interested in using Splashtop for robotics classes, and the Adobe Digital Design class instructor is adopting it, too!

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About Asheville High School

One of 10 K-12 schools in the 4,400-student Asheville City Schools district, Asheville High School graduated 88% of its Class of 2017 students. The high school has a mission of “educating all students for productive citizenship, lifelong learning and personal fulfillment.”

An estimated one-fourth of the approximately 1,200 students at Asheville High School take at least one class in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department during their time at the school.

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