Take your Splashtop Personal experience to the next level with the Splashtop Productivity Pack. This add-on is available as an in-app purchase on Android (phones and tablets) and iOS (iPad only). It’s not available for iPhone.

The Productivity Pack includes:

productivity keys

Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad

Make your remote desktop experience more productive by using on-screen shortcuts for Microsoft Office, games, media players, browsing, file navigation and more. Use the built-in profiles for popular apps or create your own.

  • Profiles are included for Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint slideshows), Media Player, QuickTime Player, browsers, Mad OS, and Diablo
  • Create your own profiles easily, using any combination of the following on-screen controls: Combination keys for Windows and Mac (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-Del), Mouse button and scroll wheel, Gamepad
productivity annotate


Annotate over any live remote desktop screen. Great for presentations and classroom instruction. Adapted from our award-winning Splashtop Whiteboard educational app.

  • Use gestures to draw, highlight, or write over any content
  • Use different colored and sized pens, stamps, highlighter, shapes, lines, and text tools
  • Annotate over a variety of flipchart backgrounds
  • Use the spotlight and screen shade tools to keep the audience focused
  • Take snapshots of the screen and save them to the gallery for future reference

Subscribe to the Productivity Pack

You can subscribe to the Productivity Pack online or via in-app purchase.
* Productivity pack only works for the screen size larger than 7 inches.

  1. In the iOS app on iPad: Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the app > Account > Manage Subscription and click the button to subscribe. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. See additional details on the signup screen.
  2. In the Android app on tablet: click the menu button (three dots in the upper right corner of the app) > Settings > Splashtop Account > See your purchases here. Click the button to subscribe and you will be billed through the Google Play Store. See additional details on the signup screen.
  3. Subscribe online on the Splashtop web site – Be sure to log in with the account you use for Splashtop Personal.
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productivity pack

The Productivity Pack is an add-on for Splashtop Personal edition. If you don’t have Splashtop Personal yet, click here for free Splashtop Personal downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more.