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Splashtop Releases New Remote Support Integration with Zendesk

Zendesk Support users can now remotely access their clients’ computers from within a ticket by using the Splashtop SOS service

San Jose, Calif., October 23, 2019 – Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in remote access, collaboration, and remote support solutions, has partnered with Zendesk, Inc. to bring Splashtop’s remote support technology to the Zendesk Support platform.

The integration will enable Zendesk Support users to initiate remote sessions to their clients computers from within a ticket by using the Splashtop On-Demand Support (Splashtop SOS) service. Once connected, they’ll see and control their customers’ computers in real-time, enabling them to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues. After a remote connection is ended, session information is automatically logged in the Zendesk Support ticket.

Splashtop SOS is a remote support solution designed for service desk / help desk professionals who need a fast, reliable, and secure way to support their customers. With SOS, users can remotely access any device the moment help is needed, without any prior installation needed.

Splashtop SOS for Zendesk Key Features

  • Easily launch remote access sessions to your clients’ Windows and Mac computers from within a Zendesk Support ticket; no software installation needed on the clients’ computers

  • Take advantage of the useful support features in Splashtop SOS such as file transfer, remote reboot, share technician desktop, and more

  • Automatically log session information in the ticket once the remote connection is ended

  • Ensure compliance with security features including TLS and 256-bit encryptions for all remote support sessions

“We’re proud to bring our best-in-class remote support solution to Zendesk,” said Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop. “Zendesk Support helps organizations build better customer relationships. By bringing Splashtop SOS to the Zendesk platform, we’re furthering this mission by connecting Zendesk users to their customers’ devices. This will help them improve customer satisfaction by providing quicker and more reliable service.”


The Splashtop SOS integration app is available for free in the Zendesk Marketplace. The integration app works with Splashtop SOS Unlimited which is available to purchase or try free from the Splashtop website. More information, including setup instructions, can be found at:

SOS License Giveaway to Zendesk Customers

To celebrate the new integration, Splashtop is giving away free SOS Unlimited licenses to the first 20 qualifying Zendesk Support customers who download the free Splashtop SOS integration app from the Zendesk Marketplace, start a free trial of SOS Unlimited, and complete the entry form.

About Splashtop SOS
Splashtop SOS makes providing remote support simple. Connect to users’ Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with a simple session code. No need to waste time or money traveling to a user’s physical location; just remote into it and take control the second you’re needed. Diagnose and fix the issue fast and leave your customers happy. A free trial is available at:

About Splashtop
Based in Silicon Valley, Splashtop Inc. delivers best value and best-in-class remote computer access and collaboration solutions. Splashtop remote desktop services enable people to access their apps and data from any device, anywhere. Splashtop remote support services enable IT and MSPs to support computers, mobile, industrial equipment, and Internet of things (IoT). Splashtop on-demand support solutions enable support and help desk teams to remotely access computers as well as iOS and Android devices to provide support. Splashtop collaboration services, including Mirroring360 and Classroom, enable effective screen sharing, one-to-many, across devices. More than 20 million users enjoy Splashtop products. Learn more at

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