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Splashtop and Swif Join Forces to Simplify Device Management with Integrated Remote Desktop Access

Focused on fortifying the security of SMBs and large enterprises, this partnership paves the way for a simplified approach to remote device management.

CUPERTINO, Calif., 14 December 2023 Splashtop, a trailblazer in secure remote access solutions, proudly announces a new integration partnership with Swif, a leading device management and security player. This collaboration is a step towards delivering a simple yet robust solution that caters to the evolving needs of SMBs and large enterprises to ensure the security and efficiency of their device ecosystems. 

Tailored to replace complex systems, Swif offers a centralized platform for Mac, Windows, and Linux devices that addresses crucial aspects of compliance automation, such as device lock, disk encryption, remote access, security policy deployment, cloud app access management, and malware installation. 

The integration between Splashtop and Swif introduces the cutting-edge Remote Desktop Feature—a powerful tool enabling users to connect to a device remotely and control it just like they would in person. This integration meets the market’s diverse needs, from smaller companies preparing for compliance to larger enterprises seeking advanced device security solutions. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Swif and be able to extend our high-performance remote access to their user base," said Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop. "This collaboration perfectly aligns with Splashtop's commitment to support businesses of any size in fortifying their security posture with cutting-edge solutions that help ensure compliance without hindering IT operations and productivity." 

Angelo Huang, CEO of Swif, added, "In today's landscape, data security is paramount, especially concerning employee devices and access control. Swif's partnership with Splashtop represents a strategic move towards offering our customers an enhanced device management experience with extreme ease of use. The integration connects authorized users to online devices with a remote desktop policy, in a simple click on the Remote Desktop button, simplifying the challenges businesses face today." 


The Remote Desktop Feature is now seamlessly integrated into Swif’s solutions.

Key Technical Details of the Integration:

  • One-Click Remote Access: Users can effortlessly connect to devices with a single click, streamlining the remote access process. 

  • Policy Assignment: The integration empowers users to assign policies to devices, enhancing control and customization. 

  • Viewer Application Installation: A one-time installation of the viewer application is required for users to launch the remote desktop feature on their devices. 

  • Secure Connection: Leveraging Swif's robust security protocols, the integration ensures secure access to devices, addressing the critical need for data security. 

  • Real-time Control: Once permission is granted, users gain real-time control over the remote desktop, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and issue resolution. 

About Splashtop

Splashtop is a leader in solutions that simplify the work-anywhere world. Its solutions for hybrid work and IT / MSP remote support deliver an experience that is fast, simple, and secure. Splashtop’s patented, high-performance technology can achieve 4K HD quality, multi-monitor support, and 60fps with ultra-low latency. Splashtop has advanced security features, broad device support, and responsive customer service. More than 30 million users and 250k businesses, including those in 85% of Fortune 500 enterprises, enjoy Splashtop products globally. Visit

About Swif

Swif is an all-in-one AI-driven solution for managing device security and compliance that can automate your policy deployment and data collecting for your compliance automation. Endpoint security and access control require a huge upfront investment for companies looking for compliance with standards like SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPPA, or PCI. To tackle this problem, Swif provides a cross-platform Mac, Windows, and Linux device management to deploy policies and control in a minute. Data can be automatically collected and sent to compliance automation platforms for auditing. We also eliminate an expensive SSO and replace it with an AI-powered Chrome extension to collect access reports for quarterly review and auditing.

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