Splashtop AR

Solve Problems Up to 50% Faster with Augmented Reality (AR)

Enable remote technicians to connect to off-site locations and troubleshoot issues by easily seeing the environment as if they were there.

phone using Splashtop AR

Leverage camera sharing from your mobile device along with interactive augmented reality annotations and two-way communication to troubleshoot, guide, and resolve issues live


Resolve Problems Faster
Reduce downtime by remotely guiding on-site personnel to resolve issues with interactive AR annotations and two-way communication
Increase Technician Productivity
Enable technicians to support multiple off-site locations and decrease truck rolls with remote diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities
Share Knowledge and Collaborate
Empower non-technical on-site personnel to fix problems and help apprentices in the field when they require Tier 2 technical guidance
Enhance Customer and Employee Satisfaction
Increase first call resolution by guiding employees or customers to fix technical issues with the help of an experienced remote technician

How It Works

Step 1

Remote technician will connect through a camera on a mobile device and view a live environment as if they were on-site

Step 2

Virtually see the problem and collaborate with the on-site personnel as if they were working side-by-side

Step 3

Use AR annotations to resolve problems up to 50% faster without having to send a technician on-site


Cross platform support (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
Bidirectional camera sharing between desktop and mobile platforms
Interactive AR annotations
Two-way VoIP communication
Session recording
Session notes
Freeze frame
Remote turn flashlight on/off
SSO integration (with Splashtop Enterprise)
Device management (with Splashtop Enterprise)
User management (with Splashtop Enterprise)

Peter Pane Restaurants reduce device downtime with Splashtop AR

Paniceus Systems, the IT Specialists for Peter Pane restaurants, needed to remotely support more than 1,000+ endpoints (including mobile POS systems and office PCs) at 46 separate locations across Germany and Austria. Learn how
the Paniceus Systems’ centralized IT team was able to advance their report support capabilities with Splashtop that improved IT support, increased efficiency, and reduced device downtime by 50%.

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