Splashtop Education Testimonial, Demo, and Tutorial Videos

Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360 have been used in classrooms, seminars, and presentations. It has also been integrated into a wide variety of educational devices. Check out the videos below to see Splasthop’s educational solutions in action.

Our Customers

Val Verde Case Study

Val Verde leapfrogged its inflexible and expensive SMART Boards and Interwrite tablets by using Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360 to display and annotate content by using their iPads.

Sidney Public Schools

Students watch their teacher’s journey through her iPad’s camera which is connected to the classroom’s interactive whiteboard thanks to Mirroring360.

Fairfield Christian School

At Fairfield Christian School, students are allowed to bring their own device to class, and they’re bringing all kinds of different devices. With Splashtop, teachers can connect to all student devices to share course content and collaborate.

Our Partners

SHARP with Splashtop

Sharp shows off their Aquos Boards for education at InfoComm 2015 and talks about how Splashtop makes collaboration through their devices easy.

Hovercam’s Solo 8 with Splashtop demo

HoverCam and Splashtop have partnered to make the Solo 8 wireless camera’s image viewable on the presenter’s, teacher’s, and every student’s device.

Solo 8 with Splashtop review

Watch Hovercam’s Solo 8 record video and display it in real time on an iPad thanks to Splashtop.

School Tech Supply with Splashtop

Splashtop Classroom comes available with School Tech Supply’s Common Core Ready Bundle, enableing teachers to share their desktop applications with ANY student device – including iPads, Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, and Android!

Classroom App

Splashtop Classroom Overview

Splashtop Classroom is a collaboration and screen-sharing solution that lets teachers use a tablet to control and annotate over the classroom computer/whiteboard, mirror the screen to all student devices, as well as optionally enable students to control/annotate right from their devices.

Tutorial – Annotation Tools

Tutorial on using the primary annotation tools in Splashtop Whiteboard function. Pen, highlighter, shapes/lines, text box, eraser, and undo/redo.

Tutorial – Flip Chart

Tutorial on using the flip chart function in Splashtop Whiteboard controls. You can go back and forth between the different virtual pages and continue to draw on them, and use your own custom backgrounds depending on your content.

Tutorial – Presentation Tools

Tutorial on using some advanced/presentation tools in the Splashtop Whiteboard feature, including screenshade and spotlight.

Tutorial – Snapshot & Gallery

Quick tutorial on taking snapshots and using the Gallery in the Whiteboard feature of Splashtop.


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