Splashtop Outperforms all remote access and application access solutions. Faster, Easier User Experience. Supports HD video, 3D, sound, and ALL of your most challenging applications. See for yourself. Start a risk-free trial for your business.

App Store 5 Star Reviews:

“I used to use Pocket Cloud, but I wanted to monitor my video surveillance software running on PC at home and RDP simply can’t update the video smoothly so it was all choppy and very hard to use. Well Splashtop works miracles! The video playback is fast and smooth even on my iPad with 3G! I also find that Splashtop does a better job in clicking the right spot with just a finger, and it has better usability than Pocket Cloud for things like scrolling a window, right-click menu, or arrow keys. I am very happy I found Splashtop. It really is incredible.”

“This is the best Remote Desktop app for iOS devices, hands down. I can watch movies on my iPad through my laptop, or do anything that requires flash. With the Anywhere Access Pack, I can even access my computer, or my family’s (to fix them or help with an issue) anywhere in the world with amazing speed compared to programs that use the RDP. Would recommend to anyone! Once you get accustomed to using Splashtop, there’s no way you can live without it. I know I can’t!”

“It’s easy to set up and easy to use. Doesn’t require a separate DNs account if you have don’t have a dedicated ip. I’ve used RDP for years and this is sooooo much simpler. You’ve done a nice job!”

“This app excelled over all others in at least one of the following aspects: 1. Only app to be Very responsive/easy touch control native to the iPad (others were too mouse based). 2. Very little lag 3. Better natural multi-touch gesture control support 3. Well-adapted to resolution and iPad screen size 4. It allows access to the computer from startup screen (other Remote Desktop apps required user to be logged in on computer before take over; this isn’t plausible since my only monitor is iPad) 5. It didn’t drain my battery excessively like PocketCloud.”

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Benchmark: WYSE PocketCloud (RDP) - 1440x900
Benchmark: WYSE PocketCloud (RDP) - 1440x900