Splashtop SOS New Feature: Elevate Standard User Session to Admin

We’ve just added one of the top user-requested features to Splashtop SOS.

New feature: Elevate standard user session to admin

You can now elevate to admin privilege when you’re remoting into a Windows standard user account. You’ll be able to interact fully with UAC and perform all the privileged operations like install/uninstall.

Enable it now

To get this new feature, current users just need to update your Splashtop Business app to the latest version (3.1.4.x or later). Also be sure your customers are downloading the latest SOS app.

How to connect as an admin

When you enter the customer’s SOS code into the Splashtop Business app, you’ll see a new checkbox. Simply check the box, then you’ll be prompted for the Windows admin credentials.


It will take a few extra seconds for SOS to elevate to admin privilege, and the remote user will need to click “OK” on the UAC pop-up. That’s it!

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