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Supporting a Distributed Workforce

Distributed work is here to stay, but it’s no longer enough to just enable anywhere or anytime access. A future-proof strategy is built with flexibility and the organization's users at its heart.

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Remote Solutions Foster Thriving IT Teams

IT managers have faced growing complexity as they contend with a distributed workforce with expanded team locations, elevated security threats, numerous devices and operating systems on top of facilitating evolving work patterns and individual needs.

However, new data reveals that a third of IT leaders feel less stressed at work thanks to remote access and support solutions. The benefits of these tools offer uncompromised flexibility, intuitive experiences, trusted security and sustainable support. They also have a direct impact on employee confidence and job satisfaction.

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Find out more about how secure remote access and support solutions can drive productivity and happiness within the workplace by downloading Splashtop’s report, “From Disrupted to Distributed: How IT is Navigating the Changing Work Environment.”

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Real-World Examples

How BDP went fully remote in 24 hours

When COVID-19 hit, BDP urgently needed to enable 1,350 employees to work from home. Discover how our solution powered quick and intuitive access to all company software with enterprise-level management and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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From disrupted to distributed work in three key numbers

How are IT teams feeling about the future? And what are the three core areas they should focus on to fuel greater flexibility and workplace experiences? Get key insights into sustainable and proactive approaches by reading our article.

Man learning how IT is navigating the changing work environment with a distributed workforce

The Human Impact of Distributed Working

Our poll of 1,000 IT decision-makers unveiled the widespread benefits of secure remote access and support solutions, including 42% stating their roles as being more rewarding as a result. Despite this, many are facing barriers to achieving flexible work practices.

Closing the Gaps in Remote Working

Discover the components of a sustainable distributed work strategy and how IT decision makers can lead the way for both greater productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

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  • High-End Security

    Sophisticated security threats can strike at any given time, especially when you’re tasked with managing growing numbers of different devices across different locations. To stay in control, businesses need to view security as something that is never finished.

    From standards and compliance to advanced security protections, Splashtop’s business products are specifically built to give IT full control over securing the data while giving employees the flexibility to access it from anywhere.

  • Flexibility and Performance

    Adapting to changing work requirements can’t come at a cost to performance. No matter how or where people need to work, organisations need the assurance that they have a solution for business continuity that’s shaped to their unique needs.

    With just one centralised console and a wealth of features, Splashtop helps you stay agile while cutting out the complexity of distributed work. Effectively managing the changing work landscape is made even simpler with a remote support solution that’s tailored to every user’s workflow.

  • Customer Service

    As the top rated in the industry for customer support with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93, Splashtop is committed to keeping teams working without disruption. Our customers can choose to speak to technical experts and sales teams or use live chat support to remedy problems rapidly.

  • Simple Remote Solutions

    Every minute wasted waiting for issue resolutions has a direct impact on a businesses’ prospects. However, having a dedicated team on hand to help, whether through attended or unattended support, can help you combat unnecessary downtime.

    At Splashtop we’re dedicated to empowering people with the tools and support to work however they want, wherever they want and with whatever device they wish.

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