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Specialist ensuring customer Splashtop is the most secure remote access software

Brentwood's TeamLogic IT uses Splashtop for Remote Support

See how this MSP transitioned from their existing tool to Splashtop and increased employee and customer satisfaction in the process


TeamLogic IT, Brentwood needed a backup remote access tool after their primary IT management tool had to take them offline due to a security breach. Splashtop SOS allowed them to securely and instantly access any computer, tablet or mobile device the moment help was needed.

With Splashtop in place, TeamLogic IT was able to successfully provide help desk support for all their customers and speed up their onboarding process. The team was so impressed that they made Splashtop SOS their primary tool and have since then deployed Splashtop Remote Support to get remote monitoring and management capabilities as well.

The Challenge: Quickly Finding a Secure, Fast and Easy-to-Deploy Helpdesk Support Solution

TeamLogic IT, Brentwood provides help desk support for small- to mid-sized businesses. A security breach in their existing IT tool left them offline and in a lurch. David Hardy—the owner of TeamLogic IT, Brentwood—needed to find a secure, reliable backup tool so they could continue to support their customers.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), servicing customers with a range of IT experience—from highly technical teams lacking time to do in-house support to teams with little-to-no technical skills—meant they needed a tool that could support all their needs.

The Solution: Using Splashtop SOS to Provide Fast and Easy Remote Support to Customers

After conducting industry research and asking other TeamLogic branches about their solutions, David decided to try Splashtop SOS. “I wanted to make sure I was getting something secure, functional and easy to use,” said David.

David and his team researched TeamViewer, Real VNC and other tools, but found that they weren’t necessarily directed towards MSPs. On top of that, he said, “they were way more expensive than I was willing to pay. We found Splashtop to be a lot more affordable and a lot more functional than the other tools we looked at.”

The Results: Increased Efficiency with Higher Customer and Employee Satisfaction

David and his team had started using Splashtop SOS as a backup remote support tool. They were so impressed with SOS that they decided to make it their primary tool. When asked about the main benefits of Splashtop, David replied:

“The SOS feature was a game changer for us. With the existing tool we were using and with other tools we looked at, we would have had to install something on the customer’s system. For our less-technical customers, just clicking through the menu was difficult. Even our more technical customers would ask questions and get confused.

"The Splashtop SOS feature was very, very easy for our end users to use via access code. It was also easy for our technicians to set up. In fact, we use SOS for all of our onboarding now. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say remote onboarding is down to 10 minutes versus 30 minutes of struggle.”

With Splashtop SOS, they were able to reach customers faster and even started to use it personally (i.e. remotely helping their parents with IT problems). Because “it’s so streamlined and organized,” they preferred using Splashtop to their previous tools. TeamLogic IT, Brentwood now uses Splashtop Remote Support for remote monitoring and management capabilities along with the attended SOS feature.


About TeamLogic IT, Brentwood

TeamLogic IT is a national provider of technology services and solutions for businesses of all kinds. They are a MSP with a focus on business and technology, offering fully outsourced IT, co-managed IT or project-based IT solutions with a customer service-oriented approach. The Brentwood branch provides service to the Brentwood, Franklin and Nashville areas of Tennessee.

About Splashtop Remote Support

Remote Support is unattended remote access and remote support for MSPs, which provides remote support to Windows and Mac computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device.

  • High Performance: Splashtop Remote Support is powered by the same award- winning remote access engine found in Splashtop’s personal use solutions. Enjoy fast connections with HD quality and sound.

  • Top Features: Splashtop Remote Support comes with the top features MSPs, and IT teams need, including file transfer, chat, remote wake, remote reboot, session recording, user and computer management, 1-to-Many actions, configurable alerts and more.

  • Low Price: Splashtop can save you over 80% when compared to other solutions like LogMeIn Central, TeamViewer, ConnectWise ScreenConnect and others. And Splashtop doesn’t increase your renewal cost like other companies.

Additional monitoring and management features available.

About Splashtop SOS

SOS is an attended, on-demand remote support solution with optional unattended, anytime computer access. Designed for helpdesk and support professionals, SOS allows performing ad-hoc remote support to an unlimited number of devices.

  • IT support professionals can instantly connect to their users’ devices with a simple session code.

  • No matter where the user is or when their problem arises, SOS users can easily remote into their users’ devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chromebook) to take control and fix the issue quickly.

  • SOS reduces the time it takes to support users, keeps customer satisfaction high, and reduces costs for remote support teams.

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