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Splashtop Remote Access in Atera

IMCollaboration and LINCTEC leverage Splashtop remote access in Atera to provide effective remote support to clients


Atera’s all-in-one RMM solution includes real time alerts, IT automation, professional services automation (PSA), network discovery, remote access and a lot more. Atera integrates Splashtop to enable users to remotely access and control their managed computers instantly, and use them as if they were sitting right in front of the remote computers.

We reached out to two IT service providers, IMCollaboration and LINCTEC, who chose Atera because Splashtop remote access came bundled with it. Andy Higgins, owner and founder of IMCollaboration, and Frank Greco, CEO and Principal Consultant at LINCTEC spoke to us about their experience using Atera and the integration with Splashtop remote access.

The Challenge: Finding the Right RMM/PSA Tool with Remote Access to Effectively Support Clients

Both IMCollaboration and LINCTEC were looking for an RMM tool as well as a remote access solution that would enable them to not only manage and monitor client computers, but also instantly remote in and quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Higgins said, “We looked at a bunch of RMM, PSA and remote access tools. Getting two tools, one to cover the RMM/PSA features and another for remote access was just too expensive.”

Greco said, “My clients come to me with printer, network and other issues. It was important for me to be able to quickly remote in and fix these issues right away. We would visit our clients in-person, but with remote access we would be much more efficient.”

Higgins and Greco both tried TeamViewer before and weren’t happy with the experience. Higgins said, “It’s a good remote access product and has all these features, but it’s not great for management. I primarily wanted to replace it because of its cost.”

Greco similarly mentioned, “TeamViewer was too expensive. I, along with some of my clients, were disconnected a few times when they suspected commercial use, which was not the case. They now use Splashtop.”

The Solution: an All-in-One Cost-Effective Solution with RMM, PSA and Remote Access Capabilities

Atera and Splashtop remote access were bundled at no additional cost, providing technicians at IMCollaboration and LINCTEC with all the features they needed to manage and monitor client computers. They could also track their issues through tickets to quickly troubleshoot and resolve them.

Higgins said, “We liked Atera because they have a nice business model, they charge per technician rather than per endpoint. The main reason I went with Atera was that Splashtop came with it. I’m aware that Splashtop products offer a lot more features and capabilities than the portion that’s integrated with Atera. But the features that are integrated with Atera cater to my remote access needs well.”

The Splashtop features in Atera allow technicians to launch a remote control session to their managed computers and use apps and data on it. In-session features allow the technicians to switch between multiple monitors, transfer files, initiate a chat and more.

Higgins further said, “My clients raise tickets and I remote in and quickly see what’s going on. Most of my clients use Windows servers and machines, and I use Splashtop to remote into all of them.”

Greco said, “It’s much easier now to just remote in, troubleshoot and fix the issue right away. This partnership really helped us continue our business through COVID-19. We don’t need to visit our clients as often. It’s been invaluable.”

He went on to talk about Splashtop’s performance, especially on Macs. “My clients use PCs, Linux and Macs. Splashtop’s ability to uniformly support all of these, especially macOS is just great!”

Greco and his team of technicians also share a Splashtop SOS license to provide remote support to clients not managed in their Atera account. Greco explained, “Some customers are just hesitant to install anything. When they have requests or issues, they just send us the session code and we remote in without having to install a client. It’s really convenient.”

The Results of Using Splashtop: Increased Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Happy Clients

IMCollaboration and LINCTEC are more than happy with the results of using Atera and Splashtop. In addition to significantly reducing cost of support tools, clients are happy with the level of responsiveness and efficiency.

Higgins concluded by saying, “I have everything I need to support my clients and take my business forward.”

Greco quantified the results of using Atera and Splashtop. “My client turnover is down by 70%! I’m so happy with the solution. It’s simple and does what it says.”


About IMCollaboration

IMCollaboration based in Texas, USA provides complete IT Support and works with companies who are ready to move their environment securely to the cloud.


LINCTEC based in Melbourne, Australia provides services in many areas of technology – WiFi installations in hotels, student accommodations, apartment buildings, cafes and pubs. They also support these systems and provide design and support services for office LAN/WAN.

About Atera-Splashtop Integration

Atera RMM integrates Splashtop remote access technology to give technicians instant remote access to their managed computers. Technicians can remotely access computers right from within the Atera platform.

With additional purchases users can also:

  • Provide on-demand quick support to computers and mobile devices with a simple session code, with Splashtop SOS.

  • Provide remote access for end-users to work from home with Splashtop Business Access.

Learn more about Atera-Splashtop Integration.

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