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PETStock IT Team Switched from TeamViewer to Splashtop

PETstock was able to reduce operational costs and offer their IT team a more user-friendly remote support tool enabled with SSO


Shaun Dunstan, IT Manager of PETstock, explains how PETstock switched to Splashtop to support its IT operational needs. PETstock was previously with TeamViewer, but decided to switch to Splashtop to reduce operational cost and offer the IT team a more user-friendly remote support tool enabled with Single Sign-On (SSO).

The Challenge: Reducing Operational Cost and Computer CPU

As the IT Manager of the company's support team, Shaun and his team were tasked with maintaining and supporting IT operations. To automate processes and increase efficiency, the support team used TeamViewer to perform most tasks.

However, TeamViewer came at a high cost and was heavy on computer resources. “I wanted a product that was a bit lighter to install and easier for management,” said Shaun.

He further explained that anyone who has used TeamViewer will know it has a comparatively heavy client to install. “The policies and configuration options of TeamViewer were a bit hit-and-miss to apply and we had numerous issues upgrading clients as needed,” said Shaun.

PETstock’s IT team explored several tools until they tried Splashtop. They found that Splashtop not only came with all the right features, but was also quite easy to deploy through the teams RMM.

The Solution: Splashtop

Splashtop offered PETstock an easy way to manage all its tech remote support needs. Splashtop offers the same top features as TeamViewer did, came at a considerably lower cost, and required fewer computer resources.

“Splashtop is a really good alternative to TeamViewer,” said Shaun. “It is easy to have granular permissions and allow a technician to access a single device only.” Splashtop also comes with robust security features like TLS and 256-bit AES encryptions, device authentication, two-step verification and multiple 2nd-level password options.

And most recently, Splashtop added an extra layer of protection to its remote access solution: SSO integration which enables users to authenticate their Splashtop account using their centralized SSO user ID and password. This was particularly important to Shaun’s team as they used Azure Active directory.

The Result: An Effortless Migration to a Lighter, Secuer and Reliable Remote Access Solution

PETstock’s support team was able to migrate from TeamViewer to Splashtop easily. Shaun’s team used an RMM tool to deploy the Splashtop Streamer and, at the same time, disable TeamViewer.

The PETstock IT team followed the Splashtop support team’s easy instructions to enable SSO with Azure for 25 technicians supporting about 1,200 clients.

Everything is running smoothly and Shaun and his team are really happy with the reliability and support they are receiving from the support team. And as an added bonus, PETstock saved 20% after switching from TeamViewer to Splashtop.


About PETstock

Founded in 2002, PETstock is a 100% Australian, family-owned and operated business, offering the best quality products and services to pets.

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About Splashtop Enterprise

Splashtop Enterprise is the best-value remote computer access and remote support solution for enterprises. IT teams can provide on-demand remote support to any device, and remotely access any unattended computer. IT can also enable employees and students to work from home with remote access to work computers. Splashtop Enterprise also includes SSO/SAML integration and other remote computer management capabilities.

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About Splashtop’s Integration with SSO

With the SSO integration, Splashtop users can authenticate their Splashtop account using their centralized SSO user ID and password. Splashtop SSO makes use of SAML 2.0 standards and integrates with all major identity providers. 

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What Customers are Saying

We found that Splashtop is a really good alternative to TeamViewer, lighter on resources and nice by default that it doesn’t have a client local ID and Pass which anyone can use to connect.

Shaun Dunstan, IT Manager at PETstock

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