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Happy customer using Splasthop remote computer access solutions and reducing costs

Reducing Costs while Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

How Munster Business Equipment leveraged Splashtop SOS to remotely and efficiently manage 500 machines


COVID-19 has revolutionized the way we work across a large variety of industries, including the printing industry. While many businesses were obligated to go remote, some did it voluntarily to increase profits by reducing operational costs. This was the case for Munster Business Equipment which turned to Splashtop SOS to remotely support its users.

The Challenge: Reducing operational costs while ensuring customer satisfaction

While looking at ways to reduce operational costs, Munster Business Equipment Sales Manager, Darach Meade, noticed an increase in operational costs caused by a surge in on-site customer visits for printing and scanning issues.

These were unnecessary visits because a lot of the issues could be resolved without traveling to the customer. “Unlike hardware repairs which have to be done onsite, printing and scanning related issues can be handled remotely,” said Meade.

Since these site visits were unnecessary, they resulted in unnecessary costs. Darach started looking at remote support software solutions to reduce this cost while ensuring Munster Business Equipment continued to provide great tech support to customers.

The Solution: Darach finds Splashtop SOS, an affordable and highly recommended remote support tool

Darach started exploring remote support tools like TeamViewer and LogMeIn at first but decided to continue looking. “We found these far too expensive and not user-friendly,” said Meade.

He continued his search until a company similar to Munster Business Equipment highly recommended Splashtop SOS. He tried Splashtop and was pleasantly surprised with its ease of use, features and low cost compared to TeamViewer, LogMeIn and other similar tools.

Results: Reduced costs and increased capacity to support more customers

Implementing Splashtop SOS was effortless. “The onboarding was very simple after the Splashtop app was downloaded on our engineers’ laptops, and we are now able to manage 500 machines remotely,” said Darach. While these machines are mainly Windows machines, Splashtop SOS also allows Darach and his team of six support technicians to support iOS devices.

“Splashtop allows us to remotely support hundreds of customers, and, without it, we would have continued to do on-site visits for calls that could be done remotely, resulting in a less profitable service department,” said Meade. He adds, “I am very happy, and I would highly recommend Splashtop for ease of use and price."

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About Munster Business Equipment

Munster Business Equipment is a leading supplier of Managed Print Services, interactive and audio-visual solutions for both the commercial and education sectors in Ireland. 

Learn more about Munster Business Equipment here.

About Splashtop SOS

Splashtop SOS is an attended, on-demand remote support solution with optional unattended, anytime computer access.

With SOS, IT support professionals can instantly connect to their users’ devices with a simple session code. Designed for helpdesk and support professionals, SOS allows to them to perform ad-hoc remote support to an unlimited number of devices. No matter where the user is or when their problem arises, SOS users can easily remote into their users’ devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chromebook) to take control and fix the issue quickly. SOS reduces the time it takes to support users, keeps customer satisfaction high and reduces costs for remote support teams. 

Learn more about Splashtop SOS.

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