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MSP IT professional benefiting from Splashtop Remote Support Premium

MSP Benefits from Using Splashtop Remote Support Premium

Midwest PROTECH gets one affordable, user-friendly solution for all remote support needs


Midwest PROTECH recently upgraded to Splashtop Remote Support Premium and discovered that it met the core of their remote support, monitoring and management needs. Previously, the company struggled with juggling multiple pricey and complicated RMM and remote access products. With Remote Support Premium, Midwest PROTECH now uses one affordable, user-friendly solution.

The Challenge

For years, Midwest PROTECH looked for a solution that would provide core remote monitoring, management and support capabilities at an affordable price.

For remote support, Midwest PROTECH tried GoToAssist (now known as RescueAssist), TeamViewer and Instant Housecall; however, the company encountered several issues. To begin with, each of the products were more expensive than what Midwest PROTECH was looking for. They also lacked tools for unattended access or monitoring and management features.

To get the monitoring and management features they needed, Midwest PROTECH purchased RMM products including SolarWinds MSP and Kaseya to use in conjunction with their remote support products. But this caused additional issues.

Matthew Buechler, President and Senior Technical Consultant of Midwest PROTECH, specified the shortcomings he was facing. “We’ve been using RMM for years with SolarWinds MSP and then with Kaseya more recently. We found them more pricey and too feature-rich for what we needed.”

Buechler also mentioned the RMM tools he used weren’t user-friendly and added more difficulties for him.

Midwest PROTECH began using Splashtop Remote Support Plus for unattended remote access to their 1,000 managed endpoints. 

The Solution

After using Splashtop Remote Support Plus, Midwest PROTECH decided to upgrade to Remote Support Premium. Buechler stated, “We didn’t even know that Splashtop offered the RMM solution (Remote Support Premium); I was impressed with Splashtop from the start, so we jumped right on it.”

Splashtop Remote Support Premium is designed for MSPs and IT professionals who are looking for a solution that offers computer management and control features in addition to remote access. It includes all the features found in Remote Support Plus, with several additional monitoring and management features found in most RMM solutions.

“The Splashtop RMM solution really gives us the core of what we need," said Buechler. "Features like event log alerts, CPU/memory throttling alerts and installed/uninstalled software alerts are big ones for us.”

Splashtop Remote Support Premium gives MSPs like Midwest PROTECH a wide variety of tools to easily monitor their managed endpoints. Features include:

  • Configurable Alerts: Set up custom alerts to monitor CPU utilization, memory usage, disk space, computer online/offline, software install/uninstall, Windows update policy status and available Windows updates.

  • View Event Logs: Quickly access computer event logs without the need to remote into the computer.

  • Remote Command: Send commands to a remote Windows or Mac computer’s command prompt in the background.

  • System Inventory: Check and take snapshots of system inventory information (including system, hardware and software information), compare snapshots and view change logs between snapshots to identify changes.

  • Windows Update Management: View a remote computer’s update policy, update history, check for Windows updates and schedule update installs.

  • Alerts for Windows Events: Monitor Windows Event Logs by setting alerts when an event log’s criteria matches the triggers you set.

  • Scheduled Actions: Create, schedule, monitor and execute System Reboot and Windows Update actions on remote computers.

  • Endpoint Security: View endpoint security status for Windows computers running Bitdefender, Windows Defender and Kaspersky.

Buechler also got all the remote support features he originally had in Remote Support Plus, including anytime unattended remote access to his managed computers, attended/on-demand remote support, file transfer, chat, session recording and more.

With the attended remote support feature, Midwest PROTECH is able to provide support to an unlimited number of devices (including ones not managed under their account) to assist clients on a break/fix basis.

The Results

It didn’t take long for Buechler to get Midwest PROTECH up and running with Splashtop Remote Support Premium, unlike his experience with other RMM tools. Buechler stated, “The big issue with Kaseya was that I needed a certified tech to just make changes to the complex system. Splashtop [Remote Support Premium] is very intuitive and easy to learn.”

And once he began using Splashtop Remote Support Premium, he immediately saw the benefits.

“So far, Splashtop has been a very stable product and is reasonably fast in most environments and predictable, very pleased so far,” said Buechler, “Remote Support Premium gives us the advantage of being able to provide services more quickly at reduced costs and it allows us to provide support to regular clients as well as brand new clients. The benefits are much better cash-flow and lower per-end-point pricing of our RMM product. This gives us a competitive edge over our competitors.”

Aside from ensuring that Midwest PROTECH’s daily operations run smoothly, Splashtop Remote Support Premium’s monitoring features help Buechler proactively address critical issues before they occur.

Detailing a past situation, Buechler explained, “We have had several machines that have been saved from total hard drive failure because of the Event Logs hard drive alerts we set up. We created an alert profile that looks for disk drive errors in the Event Logs and alerts us when they are present. We had several workstations and servers that reported errors. We were able to get those machines cloned to new hard drives before the hardware actually failed. This is the primary offering that gets clients excited about the RMM subscription.”

Finally, Buechler touched on how Midwest PROTECH was able to expand their service offering to clients and increase their revenue by reselling remote access. “The remote access availability to our clients is a huge selling point, we have over 20 clients using Splashtop to access their systems remotely,” said Buechler.

Splashtop Remote Support Premium is a cost-effective, high-performing, user-friendly alternative to remote access/support products like LogMeIn Central. It can also be used in place of more expensive, complicated RMM tools. Try it for free (with no credit card required) or schedule a demo for more information.

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About Midwest PROTECH

Midwest PROTECH is an MSP that services businesses of all types from small one-user offices to multi-site locations with 60+ users across the Greater Cincinnati area.

The company offers complete managed services as well as ad-hoc pay as you go (break/fix) services to its clients. Midwest PROTECH also offers a variety of other services including training/education, virus protection/removal, and more.

With nearly 1,000 endpoints under their management, Midwest PROTECH needs a way to both proactively monitor their endpoints and provide remote support.

Why Choose Splashtop

Here’s why MSPs like Midwest PROTECH prefer  Splashtop Remote Support Premium:

  • Splashtop Remote Support Premium saves MSPs 70% or more when compared to other products like LogMeIn Premier.

  • MSPs can easily grow and scale their business thanks to Splashtop’s low pricing.

  • MSPs can increase their service offering and generate additional revenue by reselling remote access to their end-users.

  • Splashtop Remote Support Premium includes the top tools and features needed to monitor and manage endpoints, and to complete daily IT tasks with ease.

Remote Support Premium

Splashtop Remote Support Premium is designed for MSPs and IT professionals who are looking for a solution that offers computer management and control features, in addition to remote access.

Support Windows and Mac computers from any Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device.

  • High Performance: Splashtop Remote Support Premium is powered by the same award-winning remote access engine found in Splashtop’s personal use solutions. Enjoy fast connections with HD quality and sound.

  • Top Features: Splashtop Remote Support Premium comes with the top features MSPs and IT teams need, including file transfer, chat, remote wake, remote reboot, session recording, user and computer management, grouping, and more.

  • Low Price: Splashtop can save you over 80% when compared to other solutions. Plus, Splashtop doesn’t have a history of price increases like other remote access providers.

From Midwest PROTECH

The Splashtop RMM solution (Remote Support Premium) really gives us the core of what we need. Features including event log alerts, CPU/memory throttling alerts and installed/uninstalled software alerts are big ones for us.

Matthew Buechler, President and Senior Technical Consultant

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