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Light Chaser Animation Studios Enables Secure, High-performance Remote Post-production Work

When the pandemic shut down their studio, Light Chaser turned to Splashtop to complete post-production on New Gods: Yang Jian

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Providing remote access to high-end workstations for post-production work outside of the studio.

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Light Chaser enabled remote film production with Splashtop’s advanced security features, high performance and broad device support.

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With Splashtop, the studio was able to complete New Gods: Yang Jian as scheduled. Wanting to encourage the adoption of more secure, productive remote filmmaking, they also joined Splashtop’s partner program in China.

Upon its August 19th release in China, New Gods: Yang Jian became an animated blockbuster at the mainland box office, grossing over 300 million RMB in its opening 10 days.

The film boasts several impressive scenes—from the 3D Chinese ink painting rendered Taijitu, to the age-old Dunhuang flying dance, to the modern cyberpunk-style fairy world—all of which have won high praise from the Chinese audience who recognize it as one of "China's Top Movies with Best Visual Effects!'

"What’s the secret behind the big hit?"

"China’s answer to Pixar,” Light Chaser Animation Studios, who used Splashtop to remotely complete post-production work on the film.

The Challenge: Enabling remote post-production work

Light Chaser Animation Studios aims to produce one well-made animated film per year. Their success is dependent on multi-team collaboration, high-end workstations and specialized software. It’s an ambitious goal, the animation production pipeline generally spans three to five years, according to industry insiders. Unlike live-action films, animated movies have higher requirements for accuracy and fluency. For top visual effects, they need to be refined and rendered frame by frame. This brings various technical challenges to the animation production process.

Lu Xi, the producer of New Gods: Yang Jian, said that the film started production in early 2019, The release date had already been set, but due to the pandemic, the post-production team could not physically go to work in the studio.

Light Chaser faced two main challenges when the pandemic hit:

Enabling the team to remotely access high-end workstations on Windows and Mac computers in the studio to use specialized software like Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve.

Helping them remotely perform post-production activities like audio and video editing, visual effects, sound mixing, color grading, dubbing, lip-syncing, and more.

Security was another important consideration. For the media and entertainment industry, digital content is an intangible asset that will eventually get distributed across theaters, TV stations, and other platforms. That content cannot get out before its actual commercial launch. Light Chaser needed a remote access solution that would not only satisfy their own security policies, but also protect their remote working data.

The team made many attempts to find the right solution but found that most remote tools on the market focused more on IT departments providing remote support than enabling remote work. These tools were expensive, had weak security measures and delivered a poor user experience with latency and video compression issues.

The Solution: Light Chaser Chooses Splashtop for Remote filmmaking

After comparing and testing multiple remote access solutions, Light Chaser gave Splashtop a try. They were impressed by its fast connection, HD quality, 4K streaming and advanced security features. The team ultimately chose Splashtop as their remote access solution for:

Broad device support: Their team could remotely access both physical and virtual environments from any device. Splashtop products are also compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome with reliable, consistent performance across devices.

High-performance remote access: Light Chaser’s production team often works with petabytes of footage that require strong A/V sync. Post-production activities like sound and video editing, visual effects, sound mixing, color grading, dubbing, lip-syncing, and others require high-performance remote sessions to enable frustration-free remote work.

Splashtop has everything they need including 4K streaming (iMac Pro Retina 5K streaming) at speeds up to 60 frames per second (fps), low latency and fast connections. They can even view real-time performance status including FPS and BPS (bits per second) with Splashtop’s performance indicators.

Advanced security features: Including two-factor authentication, multi-level password security, screen auto-lock, blank screen, session idle timeout, remote connection notification, logging, SSO integration, granular access control, and more.

Splashtop transmits but does not store the encoded screen capture stream, which is end-to-end encrypted. Plus, all Splashtop products adhere to GDPR and SOC 2 compliance among others.

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Results: Light Chaser completes production on schedule and becomes a Splashtop channel partner

Light Chaser entered the peak production period for New Gods: Yang Jian by mid-2021 and began synchronous production the end of that same year. With Splashtop, they were able to complete production as scheduled by June 2022.

Light Chaser isn’t the only internationally renowned studio using Splashtop for remote production work. Take Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) New Zealand as an example. They deployed Splashtop so their post-production team could perform video editing, animation creation, lip-syncing, rendering and other tasks from anywhere, at any time.

Now, Light Chaser Animation is a loyal user of Splashtop. They have also become a member of Splashtop’s partner program in China, with great expectations that Splashtop can be leveraged by more movie makers to enable remote filmmaking in a more secure and productive way.

Splashtop is ready to join hands with Light Chaser to help Chinese animation develop and flourish. Ultimately attracting more aspiring young Chinese filmmakers to chase their own “light” and deliver top animated films.

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About Light Chaser Animation Studios

Light Chaser Animation Studios, based in Beijing, was founded in March 2013 by Gary Wang, founder and ex-CEO of, China’s leading internet video website. Its goal is to create world-class animated films with a Chinese cultural touch.

The company has built a team of 300 talents, combining a unique view towards artistic creation with world-leading technology, and deep experience in business management and operation.

Since its founding 9 years ago, Light Chaser has produced 7 movies, including Little Door Gods, Tea Pets, Cats and Peachtopia, White Snake, New Gods: Nezha Reborn, White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake, and New Gods: Yang Jian.

Among them, the "White Snake" series raked in over 1 billion RMB since their first release in China. This has made the young studio become famous both at home and abroad, taking on the responsibility to create more quality Chinese animated movies.

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