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User using Splashtop to create a seamless remote broadcasting experience

How Holy Spirit Radio Leveraged Splashtop to Create a Seamless Remote Broadcasting Experience

After using its fair share of remote access software for 20 years, Holy Spirit Radio fell in love with Splashtop


Due to COVID19, many radio stations and media outlets have opted for a remote model to ensure business continuity. In this case study, Frank Eliason—Director of Operations for Holy Spirit Radio—shares how Holy Spirit Radio meets the new world’s challenges with Splashtop Business Access.

The Challenge: Providing Quality and Secure Remote Broadcasts without Breaking the Bank

When the pandemic forced Holy Spirit Radio to go fully remote, the biggest concern was a lack of access to the tools needed to deliver high-quality broadcasts to their audience.

Considering most workers would no longer have access to their high-end work computers and powerful local station equipment—how could they continue to deliver content for their audience? Would it be possible to maintain the same quality of content while working remotely? Given that Holy Spirit Radio is a non-profit, how could it meet all these challenges while keeping costs low?

There was also a security concern regarding workers accessing data remotely.

Frank embarked on a mission to find a remote access solution that would address all these concerns. He and Holy Spirit Radio were not new to remote access software. “Radio has long embraced remote access because of its always-on nature,” said Frank. “We are 24/7, 365 days a year.”

Holy Spirit Radio had its fair share of remote access software over the past 20 years. Among them were the very outdated PCAnywhere. After hearing about how using outdated software could lead to disastrous security issues, Frank made the switch to LogMeIn. However, price increases made it difficult for Holy Spirit Radio to continue using it. That’s when Frank moved Holy Spirit Radio to a remote access solution that had all the right features and at the right prices.

The Solution: Splashtop Business Access — a Remote Access Solution with the Right Features at the Right Price

Splashtop Business Access offers 4K streaming, low latency and enables users to simultaneously connect to the same machine without laggy connections, making it perfect for users who need to remotely access high-end studio software anywhere and deliver high-quality broadcasts regardless of physical location.

“It allows us to manage our computers, help staff when they are recording or troubleshoot and correct issues in real-time from anywhere or any device,” said Frank. “I recently installed software which will provide access to our studio mixers to allow us to produce live broadcast from anywhere as long as we have an internet connection and at the heart of that access is Splashtop.”

Splashtop’s remote access compatibility with various operating systems also came in handy as Frank’s team required access to seven Windows 10-based devices and one Mac device. “To access these computers, we required the ability to access them from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Splashtop delivered!” said Frank.

There's more. Among the many useful Splashtop features, one particularly stood out: the ability to see and touch the mouse cursor in a remote session. This allows a user’s fingers to become the mouse, and Frank said that this is especially important when using one of the studios’ digital mixers. “I can just take my finger and slide it up or down as necessary and tap on or off!”

But most importantly, Splashtop remote access is effortless to use. “To me, it is all about the ease and speed of computer access. If our radio station goes down in the middle of the night, I want to be able to get on a computer or cell phone to fix it immediately!” With Splashtop, he can do precisely that. “I am usually back to sleep within minutes. The best part is that we can usually know of an issue and fix it before anyone would even think about changing to another station,” said Frank.

Splashtop also enabled Holy Spirit Radio to save approximately $1,300 a year when compared to previous solutions like LogMeIn. But according to Frank, this is not the most significant advantage of Splashtop. He explained that he has to manage multiple stations while working as a consultant, and Splashtop allows him to address any trouble within minutes as long as he has access to his phone.

As a result, Frank thinks Splashtop is more than a temporary solution for COVID19. It’s the solution for remaining productive and successful in the most likely permanent remote world we will live in post beyond the pandemic. “All our lives are busy, and radio engineering is a 24 hour a day job,” said Frank. “If something is having a problem, I receive phone calls non-stop until I can correct it. Splashtop is a true-life saver!”

The Result: a Seamless and Affordable Broadcasting Solution in the Age of COVID19 and Beyond

After trying different remote access solutions, Frank and Holy Spirit Radio found all their concerns and challenges addressed with Splashtop. “Splashtop is in the heart of our business, allowing access from anywhere with virtually any device, it is an incredible asset for businesses large and small,” said Frank.

Moving forward, Holy Spirit Radio will continue to use Splashtop to run its radio station’s daily operations remotely.


About Holy Spirit Radio

Holy Spirit Radio Foundation is a non-profit, religious operator of multiple radio stations in the Philadelphia area, on a mission to use technology to spread positive Catholic news.

About Splashtop Business Access

Splashtop Business Access is a remote access software that provides fast, easy, and secure computer access for individuals and teams. Splashtop Business Access is compatible with iOS, Windows, Linux and even Chromebooks, making it incredibly versatile as users don’t have to worry about which operating system their device(s) run on. Users can control their computer and access all applications, files, and data while enjoying a 4K streaming experience with minimal lag and performance of more than 40 fps.

Splashtop Business Access comes with several remote access features that help you be productive while controlling another computer.

What Customers are Saying

COVID-19 has caused many of us to re-think all aspects of how we conduct business, with greater emphasis on working from home. And if you are an engineer for any company, access to machines throughout your organization is critical. Splashtop makes this not only possible but easy.

Frank Eliason, Director of Operations at Holy Spirit Radio

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Outsourced IT providing next-generation enterprise solution remotely with Splashtop

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