The Splashtop Reseller Referral program is for smaller resellers and service providers who want to purchase from the Splashtop web site, resell to their customers, and receive a rebate. Other program options are listed below for larger resellers, distributors, and individuals.

Existing Reseller Referral Program Members

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Reseller Referral Program

Smaller resellers and service providers who want to purchase via the Splashtop web site and resell to their customers or refer customers to purchase can receive a rebate after reaching a cumulative sales threshold.

Distributor, Reseller Partner, and Elite Partner

Major resellers, valued added resellers, and regional distributors can enter into a contractual agreement with Splashtop and work closely with our channel team.

Referral Program

Refer people to Splashtop and when they subscribe, they get a bonus 30 days free and the referrer gets an Amazon gift card reward based on the value of the subscriptions.