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Splashtop 2.0 Receives LAPTOP Magazine’s “Best of 2010 CES” Award

DeviceVM’s Second Generation Instant-On Technology Recognized as Best Software of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show 

San Jose, CA — January 11, 2010 — DeviceVM, the worldwide leader in instant-on computing, announced that its Splashtop™ 2.0 instant-on software platform was awarded the “Best of 2010 CES” award by LAPTOP Magazine, and recognized as the Best Software or Service of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. The award validates the increasing importance of instant-on technology, and reinforces Splashtop’s position as market leader, with software deployed on more than 400 products worldwide.

Splashtop 2.0 was introduced on January 7, 2010 on the new Lenovo Ideapad™ S10-3t touch-enabled netbook, and has been also demonstrated by LG on the LG X200 and X300 netbooks at CES 2010. The second generation product builds on the widely available classic version of the Splashtop instant-on environment, and adds a redesigned application dock, end-user customization capabilities, stylish device-tailored themes, support for touch interfaces, and a host of other improvements.

“We are honored to be recognized by LAPTOP Magazine as the best software for mobile devices,” said Mark Lee, co-founder and CEO of DeviceVM. “With more than 30 million copies of Splashtop in the market already, we have learned a lot about the evolution of mobile computing and the consumer demand for customization and instant access to their favorite applications.  We are committed to continued innovation and to giving computer users the most personal, intuitive, and secure instant-on computing experience possible.”

LAPTOP’s team of editors and writers reported daily from the biggest consumer technology event of the year, covering the hottest products on display with blog posts, photos, and videos. Of those, LAPTOP has selected 16 winners for its Best of 2010 CES Awards. The winners are groundbreaking devices, technologies, and applications that redefine their categories through the progression of design and performance while also enhancing the user experience.

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