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DeviceVM Brings Full Windows Experience to the iPad with the Splashtop Remote Product

DeviceVM expands Splashtop family of products; Splashtop Remote first iPad app to remotely deliver Windows, including video and audio

August 27, 2010 — San Jose, CA — DeviceVM, the worldwide leader in instant-on computing, today announced the availability of Splashtop Remote for the iPad. Splashtop Remote allows users to effortlessly access and control their PC, fully experiencing Windows remotely through an iPad. For the first time, users can enjoy a rich and interactive remote PC experience that includes full real-time video and audio capabilities. With Splashtop Remote, users can watch movies, listen to music, access all Windows files and applications, and even play PC and Flash games remotely.

“Tablets and other mobile devices are great for content consumption and work well as companions to the PC. However, as the popularity of these non-PC devices grows, computing experiences are becoming increasingly fragmented,” said Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of DeviceVM. “Splashtop Remote brings the full Windows computing experience to non-PC devices, starting with iPad, bridging the gap between computing platforms.”

With Splashtop Remote, users can use their iPad to:

  • Watch videos and play music stored on their PC, whether in iTunes®, Windows® Media Player, or any other format;

  • Play PC and Flash-based games, such as Bloons™ or Bejeweled™

  • Work on Microsoft Office documents, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and access Microsoft Outlook

  • Open any files and documents that you can view on the PC

  • Fully control the PC remotely

Splashtop Remote for iPad is available today in the Apple App Store. It will retail at a regular price of $19.99, with a special introductory price available for a limited time following the launch.

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