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#1 Remote Desktop Leader Splashtop Introduces Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad – Ability to Create Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Controls and Virtual Joysticks, Optimizing for Your Favorite Apps.

Built-in Remote App Profiles include Microsoft Office, Media Players, Browser, and Games; Easily Extensible to Support Others

  • Built-in game and work profiles expand ease and speed of work and play

  • Featured as Macworld First Look

  • Being previewed at Macworld, Booth 758

  • Download Splashtop 2 with new CS&G add-on here

MACWORLD—SAN FRANCISCO and SAN JOSE, Calif. — January 31, 2013 — Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in cross-device collaboration and remote access, announced the Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad add-on for its Splashtop 2 app iPad and Android devices. Splashtop 2 business and personal users will be able to customize their tablet experience by creating keyboard shortcuts, virtual joysticks, mouse controls for faster and more seamless remote access with their Macs and PCs. This new add-on is part of Splashtop 2 being shown in booth 758 at MacWorld and can be downloaded by Splashtop 2 customers on iTunes.

According to a recent survey of Splashtop users, people are by and large using Splashtop to remotely access a wide range of apps including office applications, browsers, gaming and media apps. With this in mind, Splashtop created the Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad add-on to give people a better and easier way to control and use their apps on their mobile devices.

“Over 12 million people already appreciate superior remote access performance with Splashtop 2 and Splashtop for Business,” said Mark Lee, president and co-founder of Splashtop, Inc. “With the Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad add-on, we’re not only bridging any device, anywhere, but also enabling users to customize the way they access and interact with their favorite apps, entertainment and data – creating even greater convenience.”

Professional workers, students, teachers and essentially anyone on the go will appreciate how Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad enables the ability to create on-screen virtual shortcuts to the most frequently used functions and also virtual mouse controls to make their work go even faster. Profiles are built in for popular apps such as Microsoft Office, Media Player, QuickTime Player, browsers and Mac OS X.

Key Features

  • Ability to create customized virtual joy stick with buttons for gamepads

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls for most frequently used apps

  • Built-in productivity profiles for Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint slideshows), Media Player, QuickTime Player, browsers, Mac OS X and Windows 8

  • Built-in game profiles for Diablo III, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, with more coming soon

Pricing and Availability

The Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad add-on for Splashtop 2 is available for $0.99/month or $9.99/year subscription and is available for purchase from within the Splashtop 2 app for iPad and Android devices.

For more information on Splashtop, please visit; follow the company blog at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at @Splashtop.

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About Splashtop

Splashtop Inc. delivers the best-in-class cross-screen productivity and collaboration experience, bridging smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and cloud. Today, over 12 million users enjoy the convenience of Splashtop Remote Desktop, named to Apple App Store’s Top 25 Best Selling iPad Apps of All-Time. Splashtop provides superior performance and ease of use for iOS, Android, RIM, Windows and MAC users who want to remote access their desktops, apps and data anytime, anywhere.

Capitalizing on the BYOD/CYOD trends, Splashtop for Business is a secure, high-performance remote desktop solution designed to mobilize workforces in minutes, with full compliance to company IT policies. It provides an on-premise centralized console to monitor, manage, activate/deactivate and audit employee remote access of applications and data across computers and clouds. Many organizations are adopting Splashtop for Business as a faster, more cost effective way to address mobile VPN compatibility issues and RDP over WAN performance challenges, as well as to scale and accelerate existing VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) to mobile knowledge workforces. Splashtop also partners with mobile device management (MDM) vendors, system integrators, security networking vendors, and service providers to deliver flexible SaaS and on-premise solutions for businesses.

Splashtop Whiteboard allows teachers and students to turn their iPad, Android tablet, B&N NOOK or Amazon Kindle Fire into a mobile interactive whiteboard at a fraction of the cost of a traditional IWB. Teachers can collaborate, annotate, and share curriculum and content in many formats, including Flash, with all the students while walking around the classroom. Anywhere Access Pack is a Splashtop 2 add-on that allows users to seamlessly access their computers across 3G/4G, Internet and firewalls, using our Splashtop Bridging Cloud(tm), a global relay server infrastructure across US, Europe and Asia. Splashtop Bridging Cloud delivers best-in-class security, reliability and global performance.

Invested in by Storm Ventures, DFJ, NEA, and SAP Ventures, Splashtop is leading the wave of mobility and cloud computing – delivering enhanced productivity and collaboration by bridging users to apps, data and services on any device. For more information on Splashtop, please visit

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