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Capitalize on your education customers’ classroom technology needs to deliver the 21st Century classroom. Teachers, administrators, superintendents, and IT managers are rapidly embracing classroom technologies that support 1:1 and BYOD initiatives to increase teacher mobility and boost student engagement. Splashtop’s superior sharing, mirroring, interactive whiteboard and remote access capabilities make it a top-selling favorite with teachers and staff members. Teachers can control their IWBs, lessons and presentations from their iPad or Android tablet from anywhere in the classroom, annotate over content then share their desktop with all students.

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  • Splashtop Classroom

  • Splashtop Classroom enables teachers to remotely control the lesson from anywhere in the classroom, annotate, then share with students.
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  • From $29.99 per teacher license
    On-premise Splashtop Classroom is also available.

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