Splashtop Connector vs BeyondTrust Jumpoint Comparison

Access machines without VPN or installing a remote access agent with Splashtop

Splashtop Connector Gives You Agentless Access to Systems

Install the Splashtop Connector on a single machine within a closed network to act as a bridge, or jump point, to enable all other computers and servers on the network to be accessed via RDP from within the Splashtop app.

Splashtop Connector is ideal for IT admins to remotely support computers on internal networks that may not have internet access or not allow a 3rd party app to be installed for remote access, and for enabling users to securely work remotely.

Get agentless access to systems

Splashtop Connector vs BeyondTrust Jumpoint

Features Splashtop BeyondTrust

Connect to internal computers Use Connector as bridge Use Jumpoint as the bridge
Access permissions Yes Yes
Connection log Yes Yes
Session recording Yes Yes
Multiple monitor support Yes Yes
High performance Yes, use Splashtop’s high performance server farm to relay connections Yes
Scheduled access / Remote lab usage Yes Yes
Security Highly secure, Connector has only outbound network with simple 443 port Yes
Cloud service Yes Yes
On-Prem service Yes Yes
Simple to use Yes, simple and intuitive to use More technical support centric, doesn’t offer the usability needed for remote work
Simplicity of deployment Just install the Connector and make some simple configuration Install Jumpoint and configure
Scalability Deploy multiple Connectors to scale Install multiple Jumpoints to scale
File transfer Yes Yes
Remote print Yes Yes
Client platform support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web
RDS Yes, RDS, Connection broker, other load balancers, like F5. Remote support centric product, it does not support RDS pool for multiple concurrent sessions like Splashtop
(VNC, Shell coming soon)
Connection pool Yes (both RDS and RDP) Yes, via license pool feature

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Splashtop Connector Demo
Splashtop Connector Demo

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