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A computer with remote desktop software in a home office.

Splashtop for Remote Design Studios

Effortless remote access for distributed design teams

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Elevate Your Design Workflow with Splashtop

  • Experience High Performance

    Splashtop delivers high-resolution remote access to your design software, offering an unprecedented level of detail and responsiveness. Encounter minimal latency as you design and revise graphics as if you were at your office workstation, no matter where you are.

  • Prioritize Security

    Splashtop acknowledges the value of your creative assets in design work. Our robust security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, two-step verification, and device authentication, safeguard your projects and data.

  • Exceptional Customer Support

    Our dedicated customer support team at Splashtop is available to assist you at every step of your design process. We're committed to providing immediate, efficient help to ensure your remote access experience is smooth and productive.

  • Enjoy Ease of Use

    Splashtop's intuitive interface makes remote access to your design tools straightforward. With our real-time collaboration tools and seamless screen sharing, you can effortlessly work with your team, review content instantly, and make collective decisions, regardless of location.

A large, sunny open space office with 6 hybrid employees.

Why Choose Splashtop for Design Studios?

Splashtop enables you to securely access design tools and collaborate with your team from any location, guaranteeing a seamless creative process. It’s ideal for creative work that requires attention to detail, accuracy, and high-quality visual delivery.  

Find the Right Solution for You


Business Access Performance

The ultimate remote access solution for VFX professionals, Splashtop Business Access Performance offers 4:4:4 color mode for accurate color rendering, high fidelity audio for perfect sound effects, and extensive peripheral support for remote stylus and drawing tablets, perfect for detailed creations.

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Ideal for large VFX studios, Splashtop Enterprise offers single sign-on for effortless access, granular permissions for controlled content creation, scheduled access to streamline VFX workflows, Android/IoT unattended access for remote equipment management, and consolidated licensing that covers remote work, IT management, and support.

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Features You'll Love

4:4:4 Color

4:4:4 color mode means all color components have the same sampling rate, meaning you’ll get the best color accuracy and image clarity.

Remote Stylus and Drawing Tablet

Use your stylus on your local device to control your remote computer in real-time. 

Multi-Monitor Support

See more and work across all of your displays! Select which remote screen to view and see all monitors in 1 window. With multi-to-multi (supported on Business Access Pro), you can spread each remote monitor into a separate window to arrange for your local setup.

File Transfer

Easily transfer files between computers. You can transfer files without starting a remote session, and you can drag-and-drop or work in the file transfer window move files between your local and remote computers during a session.

4k Streaming

Stream in 4K resolution for precise detail work. 

High Frame Rates

Experience smooth animations during remote sessions with high frame rates. 

From Our Happy Customers

We often work with temporary staff, so the ability to manage users sold us on Splashtop. We have to securely manage all our staff accounts to prevent information leakage.

Khara, Inc.

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