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Drawings of a cartoon character from an animator

Splashtop for Remote Animation

Seamless remote access to high-definition animation tools with virtually no latency

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Empower Your Animation Workflow with Splashtop

  • Experience High Performance

    With Splashtop, you'll enjoy high-definition, seamless remote access to your animation tools, no matter where you are. This empowers you to create, render, and complete post-production with the same high-quality video and audio performance you'd have at your workstation.

  • Prioritize Security

    Splashtop takes the security of your animation data seriously. We offer robust security features, including 256-bit AES encryption, two-step verification, and device authentication, to ensure that your projects and creative assets are always protected.

  • Enjoy Exceptional Customer Support

    When you choose Splashtop, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a partner. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring that your remote access experience is as smooth and productive as possible.

  • Benefit from Ease of Use

    Splashtop's intuitive interface ensures that accessing your animation tools remotely is as straightforward as possible. With features such as screen sharing and clear communication tools, collaborating with your team and interacting with clients is a breeze, regardless of location.

Animator using Splashtop remote computer access with a drawing tablet

Why Choose Splashtop for Animation?

For an industry that thrives on creativity, precision, and high-quality visual delivery, Splashtop is the go-to solution for many animation professionals. With Splashtop, securely access your animation tools and collaborate with your team from any location, ensuring your creative process is never interrupted.

Find the Right Solution for You


Business Access Performance

The ultimate remote access solution for animation professionals, Splashtop Business Access Performance offers 4:4:4 color mode for accurate color rendering, high fidelity audio for perfect sound effects, and extensive peripheral support for remote stylus and drawing tablets, perfect for detailed animation creations.

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Ideal for large animation studios, Splashtop Enterprise provides single sign-on for effortless access, granular permissions for controlled access, scheduled access for streamlined broadcasting workflows, Android/IoT unattended access for remote equipment management, and consolidated platform that covers remote work, IT management, and support. 

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From Our Happy Customers

Since we frequently use graphic tablets, high sensitivity to pressure is a crucial requirement for our animators. That’s one of the many reasons we chose Splashtop.

Hiroto Nishitani, Director and Technical Supervisor of Visual Production at Dandelion Animation Studio

From Our Happy Customers

We’ve been very happy with Splashtop’s performance. If we’re working on a film, it’s crucial to have accurate color displays, with smooth gradients and minimal noise just like on the company's PCs. We also need to have minimal latency between video and audio.

Saki Kawaguchi, Look-Dev Compositing Artist at Dandelion Animation Studio

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