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How S.J. Pockmire Uses Splashtop to Work from Home and Stay Productive

A case study about using remote desktop to work from home


S.J. Pockmire, a volunteer with the Moore County Historical Association and Vintage Soapworks, can work from the comfort of her own home thanks to Splashtop Business Access, which is a remote access software solution that significantly reduces the amount of time she needs to travel for work.

The Challenge: A Desire to Work From Home

After retiring, S.J. Pockmire became a volunteer at the Moore County Historical Association. With a college degree in marketing and graphic design along with some computer programming skills, she wanted to use her abilities to help the Association in all areas.

The Association is headquartered at the Shaw House, a historic property that is owned and maintained by the Association.

“I prefer to work from my home since the historic structure is about 200 years old and not quite as comfy as my home office,” Pockmire said.

She had tried multiple remote access products before, but they weren’t up to her standard. “I had been using TeamViewer and Google [Chrome Remote Desktop] until I started having some problems with their software,” said Pockmire. “Then I discovered Splashtop.”

How Splashtop Made Telecommuting Easy

Pockmire was thrilled to get started with Splashtop. With our remote access solution, she was now able to fulfill most of her duties with the Moore County Historical Association and Vintage Soapworks, all from the comfort of her own home.

“I researched all software on the market and Splashtop was the easiest to install and begin to use immediately,” said Pockmire. “It is terrific and very Mac friendly.”

As a volunteer with the Association, Pockmire often received requests from people wanting to view historical documents or photos. The historical documents and photos are saved to a computer located at the Association. Instead of traveling to the Association to fulfill each request, she does it from her home thanks to Splashtop’s file transfer feature.

“I’m able to easily obtain the paperwork from the Association’s computer [via file transfer] and then email it from home to those who requested information,” Pockmire said.

Then there’s Vintage Soapworks, a subsidiary of The Moore County Historical Association that provides a vast amount of funding to the Association through 43,000 bars of soap sold annually. Pockmire designs the soap labels herself and uses a high-quality printer located at the Association to print them.

Thanks to Splashtop, she does most of this work at home.

“The true lifesaver was the development of a whimsical soap business that allowed me to design labels from home at any time and then easily transfer them to the computer at the Association using Splashtop. Then we print them in high resolution on the printer,” said Pockmire. “Where ten years ago I had to sit in a 200 year old dusty room to do the job, I can now do it in the comfort of my home and only go to the Association for a half hour or less a day to cut the soap labels for production.

“None—and I mean none of this—would be possible if I had to work at the historic property. Rather, I can do it whenever the orders come in through my home computer and format and print them at the Association any time of the day or night using Splashtop.”

Splashtop Business Access has enabled her to keep up with demand coming from the Association and Vintage Soapworks while still working from home. Thanks to the hard work of Pockmire and other volunteers, the Association has benefitted greatly in recent years.

“We (the Moore County Historical Association) are still looking for growth but best of all, not only can we maintain our properties, but we have obtained extra funds to restore a building into a children’s agriculture museum,” said Pockmire.


About The Moore County Historical Association
The Moore County Historical Association is a non-profit dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing the historical legacy of Moore County, North Carolina. The organization is funded by membership, donations, sales of merchandise and proceeds from fundraisers.

About Vintage Soapworks
A subsidiary of The Moore County Historical Association, Vintage Soapworks was created in 2008 as a way to provide a source of income to the Association. The Association custom designs the soap labels and applies them to each bar of soap in-house. Vintage Soapworks now sells 43,000 bars annually.

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What Customers are Saying

I had been using TeamViewer and Google [Chrome Remote Desktop] until I started having some problems with their software. Then I discovered Splashtop. It is terrific and very Mac-friendly. Thank you for a great product.

S.J. Pockmire

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