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La Tecnocreativa Delivers Highly Rated Hybrid Learning and Expands Program Offerings

Catering to students in 40 countries with scheduled Remote Access to high-end labs using Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs

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La Tecnocreativa needed a way for both in-person and virtual students to access industrial, 3D workstations on campus computers without having to install and run programs on their personal devices.

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They leveraged Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs to allow all students to access to the same resources. This broke down barriers and brought their educational programs to the entire world.

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La Tecnocreativa optimized resources and expanded their programs, while earning a score of 4.8/5 on their online and hybrid programs.

From La Tecnocreativa

With Splashtop we can enable both physical and online students to access the same resources, eliminating geographical barriers and share our educational programs with the entire world.

Iñigo Becerril - Co-founder

The Challenge: Enabling Access to High-Powered 3D and Industrial Software for Hybrid Learning

La Tecnocreativa is a leading design and technology school in the Spanish-speaking world and an international reference for Digital Fashion, Avatars, Virtual Environments, Haute Couture and the Metaverse. They offer state-of-the-art educational programs and continuous training to over 2,000 students located in more than 40 countries across the globe.

Co-founder, Iñigo Becerril, oversees all the audiovisual content for education products, classes and other EdTech projects with a team of 30 professionals and over 100 teachers. Part of his daily job includes providing each specific department (e.g., Commercial, Marketing, Online Courses, Masters, etc.) with the right type of content.

La Tecnocreativa needed to implement hybrid education programs so students could attend classes and utilize resources regardless of their location. Iñigo also wanted students to be able to access the highly specialized 3D and industrial software on the campus computers without having to physically install it on their personal devices.

“We needed to safeguard the security of our infrastructure while enabling students to schedule sessions and connect remotely to make our hardware and software licenses cost-effective,” explains Iñigo. He needed a secure solution that would allow the school to assign computers to each student, so they could have an in-person experience from any device, anywhere.

The Solution: Offering remote access to students worldwide with Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs

Before implementing Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs, Iñigo researched and tested eight different solutions (including AnyDesk, TeamViewer, LogMeIn, and RemotePC), and even considered VPN tunneling. None of them were a good fit for educational purposes.

“Splashtop was the only solution that granted us full control, thanks to the scheduled access for students. This enabled our school to maximize resources and efficiently support a mix of physical and virtual users.”

With Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs, La Tecnocreativa was able to:

  • Implement an all-around hybrid learning program.


    This enables students to have full remote access to high-end workstations. And to utilize resource-intensive 3D and industrial software that would have needed physical installation otherwise.

  • Allow students to remotely access lab computers from any device, including mobile devices and Chromebooks, regardless of their operating system.

  • Schedule remote sessions and create groups of users for collaboration among students.

  • Enable the IT department to quickly provide remote support to both teaching staff and students, supporting school devices, as well as personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • Optimize the efficiency of their resources and create a new business model by catering to students all over the world.

“Splashtop adapted smoothly, like a glove to our hand, and works exactly how we need it to.”

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Results: La Tecnocreativa Expands Their Program and Earns High Marks for Hybrid Education

La Tecnocreativa deployed Splashtop in less than a week with minimum adjustments from the academic department. Iñigo and his team successfully implemented a hybrid learning program, simultaneously hosting physical and virtual students in the same lab.

Even though their educational programs need practical training and attention to detail, students were able to schedule access to the school’s high-end workstations and learn at their own convenience. This allowed la Tecnocreativa to not only optimize resources and expand their programs, but also earn a score of 4.8/5 on their online and hybrid programs.

“Being able to schedule remote access to on-campus workstations proved to be an excellent tool for hybrid education. Splashtop helps us provide physical and virtual students access to the same resources, eliminating geographical barriers and bringing our educational programs to the entire world.”

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