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Improving Remote Support Capabilities with Splashtop SOS

How the Delta Group leveraged Splashtop SOS to support on-demand devices


After running their IT operations with an old legacy French RMM for 7 years, Groupe Delta’s IT infrastructure needs had outgrown this technology - and so did its core business. Julien Boissat, Technical Director at Groupe Delta, explains how and why his company decided to upgrade its technology stack with Splashtop SOS to meet the need of their growing IT infrastructure.

The Challenge: Replacing an Outdated RMM without Breaking the Bank

“When we started the business 33 years ago, we started with selling copy machines, so we did not need any fancy technology,” said Julien. “We then started adding more services like servicing internet and mobile operators and, seven years ago, we started using the RG Systems RMM to support our growth.”

When Groupe Delta grew even further, the team needed an even more powerful tech stack to support more than 5,000 Windows devices. “Many of our new services required the latest technology and inter-device connections that our 7-year-old legacy RG Systems RMM could not support efficiently.”

Julien and his 40 collaborators first considered Solar Winds, Atera, NinjaOne, LogMeIn and TeamViewer as potential replacements. After testing most of these RMMs and remote support software tools, the team found that they were not comprehensive enough, not user-friendly to the team, or just too expensive.

However, as they continued the search, Julien explains that cost was not the primary decision factor. “Ninja offered us a very competitive price, but came with some limitations, but we ended up deciding to go with Datto, which we thought was more comprehensive,” said Boissat.

Yet, after moving to Datto, Groupe Delta’s team realized that Datto’s remote support functionality had several limitations as it only allowed remote support for unattended devices.

Julien decided to seek expert help and turned to France’s MSP expert, BeMSP. BeMSP highly recommended Splashtop SOS, which turned out to be the perfect solution in terms of cost and functionality.

The Solution: Splashtop SOS for Attended Support

While Datto integrated with Splashtop to offer some remote support functionality, this support was limited to only supporting unattended devices. To benefit from Splashtop's full remote support functionality, Groupe Delta turned to Splashtop SOS for attended (on-demand) support.

With Splashtop SOS, technicians could:

  • Get quick remote access to computers and mobile devices not managed under their Datto RMM account

  • Provide support quickly as no prior install is needed on end-user devices. Technicians could simply direct end-users to run the Splashtop SOS app to generate a 9-digit code that they could use to remote into end users’ devices

  • Perform ad-hoc remote support to an unlimited number of devices

  • Remotely access and support diverse operating systems including but not limited to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices computers, tablets and smartphones

  • Integrate the SOS app with ticketing/PSA systems, including ServiceNow, Freshservice and Zendesk

“Splashtop SOS was the missing brick in our Datto RMM,” said Julien. “We had tested similar solutions like AnyDesk and LogMeIn, but my technicians were not happy with it like they are with SOS and, beyond the technology, what matters the most for me is what makes my team happy. That was SOS.”

Groupe Delta’s team also found that the copy-paste password option was advantageous at the beginning of a session. It enabled technicians to save time by not retyping passwords and having encrypted and more complicated passwords by default.

Julien explains that what the technicians loved most was the efficiency of the software for providing support and the team’s responsiveness. “My technicians just needed to invite users to get connected to their devices, and SOS was so easy to use that even non-technical individuals could use it,” said Julien. “The Splashtop team was also very responsive to requests, which was important to my team.”

The Results: Groupe Delta Efficiently Upgrades Tech Stack with Splashtop SOS

After successfully implementing Splashtop SOS in their tech stack, Groupe Delta could now not only support its 5000 Windows managed end-user devices, but also on-demand devices that were not managed under their Datto RMM account – all at a considerably low cost.

“Splashtop SOS enabled us to do everything we were missing in our Datto RMM. It was simple to use and compatible with what our clients needed,” said Julien. “SOS also came at half the cost of similar solutions, so we could almost double the number of our licenses.”


About Groupe Delta
Groupe Delta offers managed IT services and support, enabling French businesses and authorities to save time on technical, operational issues and improve productivity. IT services range from general IT to electronic document management, telecommunications and printing issues.

Learn more about Groupe Delta.

About Splashtop SOS
Splashtop SOS is an attended, on-demand remote support solution with optional unattended, anytime computer access.

With SOS, IT support professionals can instantly connect to their users’ devices with a simple session code. Designed for helpdesk and support professionals, SOS allows performing ad-hoc remote support to an unlimited number of devices.

No matter where the user is or when their problem arises, SOS users can easily remote into their users’ devices (including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chromebooks) to take control and fix the issue quickly. SOS reduces the time it takes to support users, keeps customer satisfaction high and reduces costs for remote support teams.

Learn more about Splashtop SOS.

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