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Beyond Digital Solutions Reduce On-site Visits and Fix 90% of Digital Signage Issues Remotely

Enhancing digital campaigns while managing over 7,000 digital signage screens across two continents with Splashtop Enterprise

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Beyond Digital Solutions needed to ensure excellent user experience on over 7,000 digital signage screens spread across the UK, Europe, Canada and the US.

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They leveraged Splashtop Enterprise to minimize downtime, enable remote work and provide on-demand support to clients while managing a variety of digital signage software.

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Beyond Digital Solutions now saves more than 15,000 miles per client for on-site visits yearly. This allows them to deliver better service and expand technological capabilities to increase their offering.

From Beyond Digital Solutions

Splashtop ticked all our boxes. With one scalable solution, we could remotely control our screens everywhere and support a wide variety of devices for clients and internal staff. All with a non-invasive and secure software that could be activated on-demand.

Michael Thompson, Digital Architect and Digital Signage Expert

The Challenge: Managing a variety of digital signage devices and software across continents

Based in Newcastle, England, Beyond Digital Solutions is a communications agency connecting the dots between content, creativity and technology. From digital menus for hospitality to in-house communication screens, they work across all sectors, providing immersive digital communication solutions that influence the way people interact with consumer brands. They manage 7,000 (and counting) digital screens for clients across Europe, the US and Canada.

Michael Thompson, Digital Architect and Digital Signage Expert, acts as a connection point between clients and an internal team of 25 people. He ensures the best UX for each campaign by aligning client requirements with the efforts of engineers, creatives and digital signage experts. He also works with developers on portals and backend systems to ensure seamless integration of digital signage software for each campaign.

Beyond Digital Solutions must consider the requirements of each client and campaign to pick the best digital signage software for their needs. “We use a variety of technology,” – explains Michael – “including hybrid window screens to track audiences from outside, and eye-tracking technology to analyze audience attention or measure the conversion rate.”

Even though they had been working with remote software for 12 years, Beyond Digital Solutions felt the need to find a more efficient provider. Their previous provider kept increasing prices without adding new features or improving the stability of their software.

Beyond Digital Solutions was looking for a stable solution that could:

  • Ensure maximum compatibility with the software they use

  • Quickly solve disruption on screens

  • Provide immediate, on-demand support to clients and internal staff on any device or operating system

The Solution: Minimizing downtime, improving support and enabling remote work with Splashtop Enterprise

The new solution had to be compatible with all their digital signage software. It also had to enable efficient support to clients and employees so they could quickly intervene and fix issues on the screens. Beyond Digital was also looking for a solution that didn’t require installation and would work with any device or operating system. Moving forward they wanted to provide the best experience possible for their clients.

Michael researched and tested several tools, including TeamViewer, before replacing LogMeIn with Splashtop Enterprise. However, none of them offered the stability, additional features or live support that Beyond Digital required, let alone at a reasonable price. Splashtop, however, ticked all their boxes and fit their budget.

With Splashtop Enterprise, Beyond Digital Solutions was able to:

  • Minimize downtime of their digital signage campaigns. Splashtop enabled their service desk to easily check and support over 200 machines daily, replacing onsite visits with just a few remote clicks.

  • Gain flexibility and competitiveness. With the ability to choose and manage any software remotely, Beyond Digital could create tailormade digital campaigns for their clients.

  • Support clients and employees with a secure, non-invasive remote support tool. Activated ondemand with no local installation or maintenance needed.

  • Allow IT staff to access and operate on the same machine simultaneously, without being logged off from their sessions, for a more efficient troubleshooting process.

  • Enable employees to work remotely from their own devices. With timely support and access to high-end workstations and programs, no matter their operating system.

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Results: Beyond Digital Solutions reduce their carbon footprint while increasing the efficiency of their digital campaigns

During the migration from their previous provider, Beyond Digital Solutions deployed Splashtop in a couple of days with no downtime. “It felt like I left the office one day and when I came back the next day, we were simply logging into a different application and clicking on a different button. With no pain points,” said Jonathan Peachey, IT Manager.

Today Splashtop is the application Beyond Digital uses most to ensure the seamless execution of campaigns, from a technical and UX standpoint. Even though their 7,000+ screens are widespread across two continents, they can fix up to 90% of issues remotely, avoiding or minimizing disruption and saving costs related to onsite visits.

During the first year, they were able to fix most issues remotely, saving an average of 15,000 miles spent on the road and roughly 4 tons of CO2 emissions per client. Now, Beyond Digital can implement new technology that was impossible to manage with other suppliers, broadening their offering to clients and gaining a competitive edge. “So far, we have run 90% of our operations on Windows, but Splashtop allows us to look at new digital signage machines, like Android and Linux, that have improved their performance significantly in the last period,” said Michael.


About Beyond Digital Solutions

Based in Newcastle, England, Beyond Digital Solutions are experts in creating content for digital screens. From digital menus for hospitality to in-house communication screens, they work across all sectors, providing immersive digital communication solutions that influence the way people interact with consumer brands.

What Customers are Saying

Multiple people being able to connect to the same machine. That is a brilliant feature that we haven’t seen anywhere else.

Michael Thompson, Digital Architect and Digital Signage Expert

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