Splashtop surveyed 2,500 students, faculty members, IT, and other academic staff members who are currently involved in a learning program.Get answers to questions like:

  • How are K-12, higher education, and other educational institutions conducting their learning programs given the constraints of COVID-19?
  • How can educational institutions make remote learning more effective with next-gen technology?
  • Can remote learning be a practical option for students even beyond the pandemic?


Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs is a best-value, secure remote computer access solution and remote support tool for educational institutions. With this solution, educational institutions can:

  • Enable students and faculty members to remote into on-campus lab computers and use the applications as if they were physically in the lab
  • Schedule time slots and set permissions to ensure a smooth remote access experience for students and staff
  • Provide IT teams the tools to support and manage lab computers with remote computer management capabilities
  • Enable school IT teams to provide quick on-demand remote support to any computer or mobile device, and support students and teachers at home or on-campus
  • Select a combination of concurrent student/staff remote access licenses and technician licenses to fit your needs
Splashtop - The Preferred Remote Access Solution for Educational Institutions
Splashtop - The Preferred Remote Access Solution for Educational Institutions

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