Remote Computer Lab Access for Students & Teachers

Provide remote lab access at scheduled time-slots

High-Performance Remote Access to Windows & Mac Lab Computers

Computers at educational institutions often use a combination of specific hardware and software tools that are impossible to transfer to the cloud. Thankfully, Splashtop remote desktop software gives users a simple and secure way to remotely control school, university, or district computers and VMs in real time from any other device.

Splashtop Remote Labs
Splashtop Remote Labs

Access On-Campus Computers from Any Device

Splashtop remote desktop software lets users remotely access and take control of on-site computers from their own devices (Windows or Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, and more). Once connected, they’ll see the screen of the remote computer on their own device and be able to use any application or file as if they were sitting in front of it.

Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

Access to school lab computers is an essential element of effective hybrid learning programs. Using Splashtop remote computer access you can make sure that students have equal access to computing resources from any device, any location, and at any time.

Key Benefits

  • Students will enjoy anytime high-performance remote access to powerful campus devices that run specialized software.
  • Get a greater ROI on expensive software licenses by making your lab computers available outside campus hours and to remote students.
  • Cut costs associated with buying specialized software to be installed on student devices.
  • Bridge the gap of equality and inclusion by providing anytime, anywhere access to campus computing resources from any device.
Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

Why Splashtop

High Performance

High Performance
Get high performance, multi-monitor, audio and video streaming for Windows and Mac lab computers (even remote desktop sound from Macs).
Easy Deployment

Easy to Set Up & Manage
Set up takes minutes, unlike VPN. Invite your users to set up their accounts and devices. Much easier to deploy and manage than a VPN. Group your users and computers. Set access permissions, and view logs.
Enable Work From Home

Broad Device Support
Users can access Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook device. They can also access virtual machines and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Windows, AWS, Azure, and others, all from the same application.
Secure & Compliant

Secure & Compliant
Our secure infrastructure, intrusion prevention, and multiple features keep your data safe. Splashtop is more secure than VPN and complies with several industry regulations and standards (including FERPA). Learn more about Splashtop’s security.
Scheduled Access Module

Scheduled Access Module
Schedule time-slots for students and faculty members to remotely access on-campus lab computers.
Group-based Access Permissions

Group-based Access Permissions
IT admins can create user and computer groups where access can be assigned by user or group, rather than assigning access permissions at individual computer level.

Trusted by Top Educational Institutions for Their Remote Access Needs

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Architecture and Security

  • IT admins install the Splashtop Streamer on lab computers, and students who have access can instantly remote in using the Splashtop Business app.
  • Data is secure on the lab computers, and students remotely access programs and files just as if sitting right in front of the computer.
  • Splashtop provides multiple levels of security features and compliance. Splashtop offers Single Sign-On integration with your SAML 2.0 identity provider for increased security and control.
  • Splashtop offers cloud as well as on-premise options.

Better than Alternative Remote Access Solution

Teaching Remotely with Splashtop

An instructor at Wayne State University teaching with a camera trained on him. An assistant supervises the 16 machines that students are logged into while they’re following a photoshop tutorial.

Poway Unified “Excellence in Education” series: Virtual Career Technical Education
Poway Unified “Excellence in Education” series: Virtual Career Technical Education

Poway Unified School District (PUSD) provides hands-on career education remotely with Splashtop. PUSD’s Studio701 Video Interns scripted, filmed, produced, and edited this video remotely.

Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Lab Access

  • A solution specifically designed to schedule and manage student access to shared lab computers
  • Pricing is based on the number of concurrent user licenses. Pay only for the number of simultaneously active students accessing lab computers, and not the total number of students.
  • Also choose to get concurrent technician licenses enabling IT to provide remote support to student/faculty computers and mobile devices
  • Our team can schedule a demo and assist in configuring a solution

Learn more about Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs

EdTech Digest – Cool Tool Finalist 2021
Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs is recognized for its outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology.
3 Ways Education PDF
Read this eBook to learn how universities, colleges and schools are using remote computer access as an essential tool in the age of remote and hybrid learning.
“Since the start of the pandemic, our customers are seeking ways they can access Adobe video and audio applications on their Windows and Mac workstations from home. With Splashtop, Adobe customers can securely use their personal computers, Android, iOS, and Chromebook devices to work productively, away from their offices. Splashtop also has an option to deploy on-premise, and some customers prefer that.”

Sue Skidmore, Head of Partner Relations, Adobe Video.
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Watch a webinar and demo of how you can remotely access Adobe applications from any device using Splashtop.