Remote Lab Computer Access for Students & Teachers

Splashtop Enterprise enables you to schedule and manage remote access to on campus computers

High-Performance Remote Access TO WINDOWS & MAC LAB COMPUTERS

Computers at educational institutions often use a combination of specific hardware and software tools that are impossible to transfer to the cloud. Thankfully, Splashtop remote desktop software gives users a simple and secure way to remotely control school, university, or district computers in real time from any other device.

Splashtop Remote Labs

Splashtop remote desktop software lets users remotely access and take control of on-site computers from their own devices. Once connected, they’ll see the screen of the remote computer on their own device and be able to use any application or file as if they were sitting in front of it.

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“You’re going to have a lot more people from Wayne State coming to you for Splashtop because they’ve been watching us. And they’ve been asking me in our restart committees how I’m doing. I’ve been telling them it just works.”
Gary Cendrowski, Director of Technology, Wayne State CFPCA

Wayne State Remote Labs Case Study


“They’re orienting a lot of classes around Splashtop because there aren’t going to be in-person classes in the Fall. We are having socially distant classes so students can complete their certificates and their degrees. We wouldn’t have been able to do that if it wasn’t for Splashtop.”
Gerald Casey, Laney College CTE

Laney College Remote Labs Case Study


“Once we’re out of this pandemic scenario, we might have students that need to stay home for other reasons. Splashtop will allow us to provide them with remote access. It also opens our labs for a potential 24 hour virtual lab scenario that wasn’t previously identified as a need.”
Nicholas Adams, Lenawee Intermediate School District

Lenawee ISD Remote Labs Case Study

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  • Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Lab Access

  • A solution specifically designed to schedule and manage student access to shared lab computers
  • Pricing is based on the number of concurrent user licenses. Pay only for the number of simultaneously active students accessing lab computers, and not the total number of students.
  • Also choose to get concurrent technician licenses enabling IT to provide remote support to student/faculty computers and mobile devices
  • Our team can schedule a demo and assist in configuring a solution
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