Refer People to Purchase from Splashtop and Get Rewarded

The Splashtop Referral Program makes it easy for individuals to get rewarded for promoting Splashtop. You don’t need your own company, or even your own website to join the Referral Program. All you need to do is send your friends, family, and business associates a simple web link to Splashtop. Once they follow your link and purchase or trial Splashtop, you get rewarded.

If you are an MSP, IT provider, or reseller that wants to resell Splashtop, go to our Splashtop Reseller Program.

The Splashtop Referral Program in 3 Easy Steps

Get your Referral Code

Remote Desktop to your computer

Fill out and submit our short Splashtop Referral Program Signup Form. In 1-2 business days we’ll send you your unique referral code. You’ll add your unique referral code to the end of every link you send out so we can know who you referred to Splashtop. For example, if your referral code is ?ref=REFER, you’ll add that to the end of the URL of the Splashtop page you want to send someone to, such as

Share your Referral Links

Remote Desktop from your device

You can add your personal referral code to any Splashtop URL you want. Do you want to send someone to our homepage? Add your code to the end of our homepage URL. Do you have a friend interested in our SOS product? Add your code to the end of the SOS page URL. It’s as easy at that. You can share your referral links any way you want! You can use email, text, social media, personal blogs, and more.

Earn Rewards

Secure Remote Access

Once someone clicks your link, we’ll track their activity through your referral code. If they make a purchase, we’ll attribute that sale to you and you’ll start earning rewards in no time! You can also earn rewards when someone you refer signs up for any of our free trials and has at least one successful remote connection. Keep reading below to learn more about the rewards!

Splashtop Referral Program Rewards

Here are the two ways you can earn great rewards by simply referring people to Splashtop:

  • If your referrals start a free trial and have at least one successful remote access session, you get an entry into our monthly drawing for Splashtop swag like t-shirts, stickers and USB chargers!
  • If you are in a country where we can send you an Amazon gift card, you will receive a $25 gift card when your total referral sales reach $300 or more of Splashtop Business Access, Splashtop Remote Support or Splashtop SOS. In other countries we will try to make alternate arrangements.

Start Earning Rewards Now

Sign up for the Splashtop Referral Program now and start earning rewards now!