Refer People to Purchase from Splashtop and Get Rewarded

The Splashtop Referral Program makes it easy for individuals to get rewarded for promoting Splashtop. You don’t need your own company, or even your own website to join the Referral Program. All you need to do is send your friends, family, and business associates a simple web link to Splashtop. Once they follow your link and purchase Splashtop, you get rewarded.

The Splashtop Referral Program in 3 Easy Steps

Sign Up

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1. Fill out and submit our short Splashtop Referral Program Signup Form. You’ll then be taken to our Referral Program portal where you’ll find your referral link.

Share your Referral Links

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2. Start sharing your referral link on your website homepage, Youtube videos, blogs, and social media posts. It’s as easy at that. You can share your referral links any way you want! You can use email, text, social media, personal blogs, and more.

Earn Rewards

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3. Once someone clicks your link, we’ll start tracking their Splashtop user account activity through your referral link. If they make a purchase, we’ll attribute that sale to you and you’ll start earning rewards in no time!

What The People Being Referred See

What people see when referred by the Splashtop Referral program

Use your referral link to send people to this page where their trials and purchases will be attributed to you.

What You See

The Splashtop Referral Program Portal

Find your referral link and track the status of your referrals in the Splashtop portal.

What users are saying

“Thank you for the Gift Card! I’ve enjoyed using Splashtop and referring others to do the same. Great Product, Great Pricing, Great Service. Many thanks!”

– Eddie Bridges, BridgesIT

Start Earning Rewards Now

FAQS and Official Rules for Those Who Have Been Referred

+ What are the rewards for being referred?
If you are referred to Splashtop and subscribe to a qualifying product (see all rules below), you will receive an extra 30 days free on the first year of your subscription.
+ Which products qualify?
Qualifying products for the referral program are new subscriptions to Splashtop Business Access Pro, Splashtop Remote Support Premium, Splashtop SOS, SOS+10 and SOS Unlimited.
+ How do I ensure that I get the extra 30 days free?
Be sure to purchase using a Buy button on the special page where you were referred. Or start a trial from that page to lock the referral code into your account and then purchase within 21 days.
+ When are the free 30 days added to my subscription?
The free 30 days are added to your subscription 1-2 hours after you subscribe. Don’t worry if it only shows 1 year immediately after you subscribe. You can view your subscription details at
+ Why might a purchase not qualify?
  • If the purchase is made some other way than through the Buy buttons on your referral page or within 21 days of starting a trial from your referral link page
  • If the purchaser has browser settings that corrupt or block our purchase tracking
  • If it is not a new subscription (if the purchaser is a current subscriber or had a paid Splashtop subscription in the past year)
  • If it is a non-qualifying product such as Business Access Solo edition, Splashtop Enterprise, Splashtop Classroom, Mirroring360, Anywhere Access, Productivity Pack, Enterprise for Remote Support, etc.
  • In case of any fraud or suspected fraud, refund request, or credit card chargeback
  • If the new subscription was not started on the same my.splashtop web site as the referral link ( or
+ What if I don’t sign up through the special page where I was referred? Can I apply the referral code after making a purchase or starting a trial?
No, the Referral Program offer and rewards can’t be applied retroactively.
+ What if I don’t get the free 30 days?
Check the list above to ensure that you made a qualifying purchase. If you believe that you did and still don’t see the free 30 days added two hours after your purchase, please contact us at so we can investigate.

FAQS and Official Rules for Referrers

+ How do I refer people?
Go to and log in with your Splashtop account or create an account. You’ll see the referral dashboard that describes the program. You’ll be able to copy and share your personalized referral link. You will also see a list of people who have started a trial or purchased via your referral link.
+ Do I have to be a Splashtop customer to join the program?
If you’re not already a Splashtop customer, you can create a free account and join the referral program. You don’t have to be a Splashtop subscriber to participate.
+ What are the rewards for referring?

If you are in a country where we can send you an Amazon gift card, we will send your reward via an Amazon e-gift card by email. In other countries, we will try to make alternate arrangements.

Qualifying Subscription Purchase Price / Gift Card Amount

  • $99-$249 purchase / $10 gift card
  • $250-$499 purchase / $25 gift card
  • $500-$999 purchase / $50 gift card
  • $1,000 to $2,499 purchase / $100 gift card
  • $2,500 to $4,999 purchase / $250 gift card
  • $5,000 or more purchase / $500 gift card
+ Is there a maximum that I can earn?
After you reach 10 rewards or $1,000 in rewards in a calendar year, we will review your account to determine if you qualify for an increased limit or if it might make sense for you to switch to our reseller program.
+ When do I get paid for referring someone?
You will receive your award approximately 45 days from the date someone subscribes. In some cases, it may be up to 90 days. This time is necessary for the purchases to be audited for fraud and any credit card chargebacks that may disqualify the purchase.
+ What does the status value mean for my referred users?
  • Trial = they started a free trial from your referral link
  • Subscribed = they subscribed and pending verification, you will receive a referral reward gift card for that purchase
  • Expired = they did a free trial which expired and they haven’t purchased
  • Unqualified = the individual or their purchase does not qualify for the program (see Why a Purchase Might Not Qualify, above)
+ Can you give me the contact information of people who tried or purchased using my referral link?
No, that is not allowed under our privacy policy.
+ Is the referral program the same as your reseller program?
They are different programs. The reseller program is for businesses who want to resell Splashtop software to their customers. The referral program is for individuals who want to refer their friends and colleagues to Splashtop and receive a nominal reward. Being a referral program member is not a business relationship with Splashtop and you are not considered a reseller, agent or business partner of Splashtop. It is just a way of tracking your personal referrals.
+ What if I still have questions?

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Program features may be changed or adjusted at any time, at Splashtop’s discretion.