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Splashtop XDisplay for iPad Extends Windows 7 Desktop

Turn an iPad into an Extra Monitor for Increased Productivity

July 27, 2011 — San Jose, CA — Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in cross-device computing, today announced Splashtop XDisplay, an app that turns an iPad into a wireless second display for Windows 7 PCs to enhance productivity. Using the iPad as a screen extender can serve many purposes.

For instance:

  • Reduce desktop clutter by filling your iPad screen with widgets, folder shortcuts, IM buddy list, Skype, Twitter, Photoshop palettes, and other utility apps

  • View spreadsheets across monitors so that all columns can be seen without scrolling

  • Park background entertainment windows such as Netflix, Hulu, or social games (FarmVille) on the iPad while working

  • Edit an HTML page on one monitor while viewing the rendered web page on the iPad

  • Collaborate with others by showing them additional content on the extended iPad screen

  • Play Flash movies and videos on your iPad in bed or on the couch and avoid the hassle of transferring or converting

“Batman wouldn’t be the same without his loyal sidekick Robin,” said Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop. “Likewise, your main computer won’t be the same without an iPad as a companion made possible by Splashtop XDisplay.”

Splashtop XDisplay is compatible with both iPad versions and connects to PCs running Windows 7 operating system. It is comprised of two components: an application running on the iPad and the free Windows Streamer running on the PC.

Splashtop XDisplay features:

  • Full audio and video support (sound can be independently turned on/off from either the PC or iPad)

  • Support for Windows 7 default Aero desktop theme featuring translucent windows

  • Intuitive touch gestures with pinch-to-zoom capability

  • Virtual on-screen keyboard as optional text input method

  • Auto orientation when iPad is turned (works in both landscape and portrait modes)

  • Password protection for privacy

  • Ability to choose the position of your extended display relative to the PC

To learn more about Splashtop XDisplay and the “Extend Your Screen” Contest, please visit: Download Splashtop XDisplay at the Apple App Store:

About Splashtop

Splashtop Inc. was founded in 2006 with the goal of enabling people everywhere to quickly access content across devices and clouds. Splashtop’s flagship product, Splashtop Remote Desktop, is a best seller in the Apple App Store and Android Market, allowing users to enjoy a full computer experience from mobile devices and PCs.

Today, Splashtop-based products are available on more than 70 million PCs and mobile devices from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG and Sony. Splashtop has received numerous awards, including the prestigious “Most Innovative Product” award from PC World, the “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science, and “Best of 2011 CES” award from LAPTOP Magazine. Splashtop Inc. is headquartered in San Jose with offices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Taipei. For more information, visit

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