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Terms of Sale

These Terms of Sale (the “Terms”) govern your purchase of the paid features for the Splashtop software and services (the “Product”) through the Splashtop Online Store (the “Store”). If your purchase was through an authorized reseller or channel partner of Splashtop (collectively, “Authorized Resellers”), please reference the terms of sale with such Authorized Resellers as the Terms herein may not be applicable to you. 

The Terms set forth your rights and obligations with respect to your purchases, including important limitations and exclusions. Your placement of an order on the Store constitutes your agreement that these Terms apply to the order. Please do not place an order if you do not agree to the Terms. 

Payment Methods 

Splashtop accepts major credit cards and PayPal payments for your online purchases through the Store. Once your purchase is completed online, you will subsequently receive an email confirmation from Splashtop summarizing your purchase. Splashtop may use a third-party vendor to process your payments and your personal information will be protected in accordance with Splashtop’s Privacy Policy at If you choose to use PayPal as the payment method for your online purchase, you will be redirected from Splashtop’s website to PayPal’s payment site. Once you are on PayPal’s payment site, Splashtop is no longer responsible for protecting any personal and financial information that you provide to PayPal. Your PayPal account and any activities/transactions occurred under PayPal’s payment site are governed by PayPal’s terms and conditions and the information provided to PayPal in relation hereto will be governed by PayPal’s Privacy Policy. 

Taxes and Fees 

The price of the Product is net of any taxes, duties and fees. You will be responsible for any and all sales and local taxes, duties and fees on your purchases, where applicable.Where applicable, taxes and regulatory fees will be charged on the invoices issued by Splashtop in accordance with local laws and regulations.  Splashtop, in its sole discretion, will calculate the amount of taxes due. The taxes and regulatory fees charged can be changed without notice. 

Your acceptance of these Terms constitutes your agreement to make timely payment(s) due to Splashtop including, where applicable, any and all state and local taxes, duties, and fees. 

Beginning on February 9, 2023, Splashtop will begin collecting sales tax on its sales in the following States: AZ, CT, DC, HI, LA, MA, NM, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WA, & WV. 

  • Tax exemptions. If you are exempt from any taxes or fees, you will be responsible to provide Splashtop with all appropriate tax exemption certificates, and/or other documentation satisfactory to the applicable taxing authorities to substantiate such exemption status. Splashtop reserves the right to review and validate tax exemption documentation.  

  • Payment of Taxes and Fees. You will pay to Splashtop any applicable taxes and fees. You are solely responsible for paying any and alltaxes and fees owing as a result of Splashtop’s provision of the Services to you. If you are required to pay any taxes and fees, you shall pay such amounts with no reduction or offset in amounts payable to Splashtop hereunder and you will pay and bear such additional amount, as shall be necessary to ensure that Splashtop receives the full amount of payment required as if no such reduction or offset were required. 

  • Tax determination. Tax determination is principally based on the location where you have established your business, or for individuals where that individual permanently resides. Splashtop reserves the right to cross reference this location against other available evidence to validate whether your location is accurate. In the event thatyour location is inaccurate, Splashtop reserves the right to charge you any outstanding taxes and fees. 

Splashtop may suspend or terminate the Services on your Splashtop account due to any payment delinquency and you agree to reimburse Splashtop for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in collecting such delinquent amounts. 

Auto-renewal and Billing for a Subscription-based Product

If the Product is offered to you on a subscription basis, your purchase of the Product will enable Splashtop to charge your account automatically for subsequent renewal periods, depending on the subscription period you previously selected, unless and until you cancel the automatic payment feature in your Splashtop account. 

Prepaid and No Refunds

The Product may be offered to you on a subscription basis or a onetime license basis pertaining to the licensing model associated with each Product. In either case, your purchase of the Product is prepaid, final and nonrefundable. For the subscription-based Products, there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods and your cancellation of the Product before the expiration date will not entitle you to any refunds or credits. No refunds or credits will be granted to match any promotional offers or price drop. 

Cancellation and Termination

You may cancel your subscription-based Products at any time by logging into your Splashtop account at in the “Subscriptions” tab under “Account Info”. After you cancel, your subscription will not auto-renew, and your account will not be charged automatically in the future. The Products you have purchased will still be available until the end of the current subscription period. 

Other Terms and Conditions

Splashtop may change any products or services offered on the Store or the prices for any such products or services, at any time, with or without notice. 

Your use of the Product is governed separately by the Terms of Service and/or End User License Agreement at, which are usually presented for your acceptance upon your first use of the Product. 

Splashtop reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Terms of Sale at any time. 

Date updated: January 31, 2023 

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