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Elenco dei software per desktop remoto: perché Splashtop rappresenta la scelta migliore

Da Trevor Jackins
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Remote working surveys suggest that over half of their respondents (55%) feel like they work more while out of the office itself. To help empower your employees while they work from home or other locations, you need a good remote desktop solution that is fast, easy to use, secure, and has a strong feature set. So, which is the best remote desktop software package available to you?

Some of the most popular remote desktop apps include:

  • Splashtop

  • TeamViewer

  • LogMeIn Pro

  • AnyDesk

  • GoToMyPC

  • ConnectWise Control

  • RemotePC

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Teradici

Below, we discuss each of these software programs and list some of the reasons why Splashtop is the best choice.

The best remote desktop software is Splashtop 

Splashtop is an impressive piece of software for its price. It allows for connection between many different devices and is compatible with Android, iOS, Chromebook, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Splashtop has flexible licensing options. The lowest-cost option supports a single user and up to two computers. Or, for a little more you can subscribe to a more feature-rich plan that can support large teams and comes with an array of extra features. Whatever you need, Splashtop has the best remote desktop software solution for you.

Splashtop is constantly working on new features to enhance its users’ experience. With high-quality UX and advanced security options, it is hard to find a negative point in Splashtop’s offering. With Splashtop you’ll get strong remote access security and a user-friendly experience.

Other remote desktop apps 

The following are some of the other options out there. As we list them, you should gain an understanding of why Splashtop is the better choice on the market.


First and foremost, security should be a top priority when it comes to choosing a remote desktop solution. Splashtop takes the crown for most secure remote desktop software, while TeamViewer has had issues with security in the past.

TeamViewer has a free version that offers the basic needs for a remote desktop option. Although, if you are a business, you will need to pay for a commercial license before you can make good use of this software (or TeamViewer might suspect you of commercial use and block your connections).

A TeamViewer subscription can dig deep into your budget. And if you ever want to cancel, you’ll need to provide written notice to TeamViewer at least a month in advance or else you will be charged for an auto-renewal.

Splashtop offers a better alternative to TeamViewer, and comes in packages for individual use, business, education, and IT support. Each offers competitive prices that give you the features you need without breaking the budget.

LogMeIn Pro 

A remote desktop tool similar to Splashtop. However, LogMeIn Pro does not work well for individuals or small businesses at all due to a very hefty price tag. LogMeIn Pro is thus only usable by large corporations with sizeable wallets. Instead, you might want to look to other alternatives to LogMeIn Pro such as Splashtop which has the same top features and capabilities while saving you up to 70% or more on your subscription cost.


AnyDesk has remote desktop packages for individuals, small teams, and businesses. However, as is the case with LogMeIn, it is more expensive than Splashtop. In fact, you can see how AnyDesk pricing compares with Splashtop. Plus, user reviews on third-part websites consistently rate Splashtop as better than AnyDesk.


A remote desktop solution that is expensive for individuals, and even more so for teams and businesses in need of more features and user management controls. You could get all those features by choosing Splashtop instead, and you’d save 75% on your subscription cost when compared to GoToMyPC.

GoToMyPC is also owned by LogMeIn, and comes with the same baggage of expensive plans and a history of price increases.

ConnectWise Control 

While ConnectWise advertises many advanced features, Splashtop provides many of these for a much lower price tag, making it a better alternative to ConnectWise Control.

On top of this, reviews of ConnectWise Control suggest that it sometimes takes a long time to respond to input. This drastically increases the frustration that one feels when using it. Splashtop stays at a fast speed with HD quality while you use it.


RemotePC uses a web app to bring connectivity between computers. Still, as many of the remote desktop solutions on this list, it has its faults. For example, it is often hard to set up and is missing many features that you might expect from its competitors.

As an alternative to RemotePC, Splashtop has a very low setup time and an easy-to-use interface.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This browser extension may be helpful for those with Google Chrome, but all other users are out of luck. This limits the reach of this application, especially for those on many different devices. Splashtop, on the other hand, is usable on many different computers, tablets, and mobile devices without needing Chrome.

On top of this, Chrome Remote Desktop does not have many advanced features, even as a free option. Splashtop manages to outstrip it in this area, making it the best Chrome Remote Desktop alternative.


Built as a high-performance remote access tool for media and entertainment professionals, Teradici aims to provide a solution to those who require fast remote connections. However, Splashtop delivers fast remote connections that enable you to carry out resource-intensive tasks like video editing, graphic design, creating animations, coding, and much more with low latency. On the other hand, Teradici requires more bandwidth for fast remote access.

Splashtop is also much easier to deploy and comes with more features, making it the best Teradici alternative.

Trevor Jackins
Trevor Jackins è un Marketing Manager a Splashtop. È anche un appassionato utilizzatore del software di accesso remoto di Splashtop, che usa per collegarsi al suo computer in ufficio e lavorare da casa! L'entusiasmo di Trevor per Splashtop deriva dal suo interesse per il modo in cui la tecnologia può migliorare la nostra vita quotidiana.
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