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Secure Access Platform for IT, Third-Parties & Employees

Unified solution to implement frictionless and simplified Zero Trust.

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From Our Happy Customers

What we needed was a simple, quick, and easy way to grant people remote access to internal resources from anywhere, securely. With Splashtop Secure Workspace, we found the perfect solution.

IT Manager, Community College

From Our Happy Customers

I can tell from my experience with the product that a lot of thought and effort have gone into creating the product and making sure that it's secure, which I really appreciate.

Manager of Technology, Community College District

From Our Happy Customers

I’m in love! Everything I've been looking for in secure remote access for privileged and third-party users is built into your product. I can effortlessly onboard users and activate session monitoring and recording as required, all with zero trust network access, from a single platform!

CTO, a Managed Service Provider

From Our Happy Customers

Our current Privileged Access Management tool is expensive and complex to use. The daily time spent checking in and out passwords, as well as granting and obtaining credentials for privileged accounts, presents a huge overhead and negatively impacts the productivity of both IT and end users. Splashtop Secure Workspace not only significantly simplifies this workflow but also enhances remote access to critical resources with its security service edge capabilities.

Systems Engineer, National Ranked Hospital

From Our Happy Customers

Remote access service was horrendous. We are glad that we found Splashtop to fulfill our need for a secure access solution for the company, particularly in addressing the complexities of third-party access with Splashtop Secure Workspace. The team at Splashtop is one of the best vendors we have worked with; they are highly knowledgeable, hardworking, and quick to assist. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Splashtop for many years to come.

Systems Administrator, A Global Manufacturing Company

From Our Happy Customers

Splashtop Secure Workspace is a really nice product—well-built and user-friendly. We've faced various challenges with other vendors, often receiving just a PDF of instructions when we

needed support. Your team has gone above and beyond to ensure we get the full value of your solution. There couldn’t be a better time for us to switch to Splashtop Secure Workspace.

IT Network and Cybesecurity Manager, A Global Manufacturing Company

From Our Happy Customers

Splashtop Secure Workspace presents the ideal fit for our IT security requirements. As a provider of outsourcing services, we continually face the challenge of granting remote access to all our clients while ensuring the utmost security and individual privacy for each one. Historically, the approach to achieving this goal across the past two decades has entailed establishing separate and distinct connections for each client, resulting in significant allocation of both human resources and capital. Splashtop Secure Workspace effectively addresses this security imperative through its user-friendly portal, leading to substantial savings in terms of resources and efforts. Importantly, our clientele can confidently rely on this solution to safeguard their valuable intellectual assets.

Founder / CEO, Technology Services Provider

Accesso alla rete zero-trust

  • Alternativa VPN: Offre un'alternativa superiore alle VPN tradizionali, migliorando la velocità, la sicurezza e la resilienza per l'accesso alle applicazioni su qualsiasi rete.

  • Convalida dell'accesso: Convalida l'accesso di utenti e dispositivi in base all'identità, alla postura del dispositivo e al contesto, supportando completamente il BYOD (portare il dispositivo) su dispositivi gestiti e non gestiti.

  • Applicazione di Zero Trust: Applica le policy Zero Trust per proteggere l'accesso per i carichi di lavoro ibridi, consentendo sia l'accesso senza client che i client dei dispositivi.

Gestione unificata degli accessi privilegiati (PAM)

  • Maggiore sicurezza delle credenziali: Protegge le credenziali degli account privilegiati con un'iniezione invisibile, integrata dal monitoraggio in tempo reale e dalla registrazione delle sessioni.

  • Gestione automatizzata delle credenziali: Offre l'automazione per la gestione e la rotazione delle credenziali in Windows/Active Directory, integrata con Secret Vault per l'iniezione sicura.

  • Provisioning Zero Touch: Consente una perfetta integrazione dell'infrastruttura senza modifiche al firewall o al routing, con rilevamento automatico delle applicazioni.

Just-In-Time and On-Demand Access (JIT)

  • Collaboration Tool Integration: Seamlessly integrates with tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, ensuring zero standing privileges and enhancing user access.

  • JIT Access Flexibility: Provides JIT access via hyperlinks or QR codes for Zero Trust Network Access, Privileged Access, and Remote Browser Isolation.

  • Extended Access for SaaS: Offers JIT and On-Demand Access to SaaS and non-SSO web applications, applying Zero Trust policies for secure third-party access.

Secure Internet Access (SWG, DNS, RBI)

  • Comprehensive Threat Defense: Combines DNS/URL filtering, cloud controls, SSL inspection, DLP, anti-malware, and RBI for Zero Trust enforcement across all internet activity.

  • Endpoint-Based SWG: Shifts Secure Web Gateway to the endpoint, ensuring a faster, smoother user experience without traffic redirection.

  • Expanded Control Range: Extends SWG, DNS, and RBI controls to encompass ZTNA and private application access for broader security coverage.

Comprehensive SaaS Security

  • Zero Trust for SaaS: Implements Zero Trust security to protect SaaS applications from unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive information.

  • Streamlined Identity Management: Enables efficient identity management with SSO, MFA, and conditional access, supporting BYOI for third-party integrations.

  • Enhanced Cloud App Security: Offers comprehensive control with CASB and DLP for compliance, alongside PAM and RBI integration for secure SaaS platform access.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Telemetry

  • Comprehensive Telemetry Analytics: Centralizes data from network, logs, endpoints, traces, user behavior, and applications for enhanced detection of security threats.

  • Real-Time Session Management: Enables shadowing for live monitoring, session recording for audits, and instant termination of risky actions for improved security.

  • Unified Digital Experience Dashboard: Offers an aggregated view of the workspace, combining telemetry and session data for a comprehensive security overview.

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