Portfolio Managers, Traders, Insurance Adjusters, and Banking Professionals Can Respond to Customers Immediately Anytime, Anywhere.

Financial services organizations need a reliable, top performing remote desktop solution that is easy for mobile workers to use, yet highly secure. Some solutions are too slow and have interfaces that are not intuitive, which negatively impacts mobile or remote workers’ pace. The ability to have immediate, anytime, anywhere access to required business apps, data and files enables mobile staff members to:

  • Be more responsive to customers and more competitive
  • Make timely stock trades using custom trading applications, Outlook and more.
  • Access rate information to provide immediate quotes for products and services

Splashtop provides the needed security features and integration with Active Directory so there’s detailed monitoring and control of who accesses which desktops, apps, and data from various mobile devices. Splashtop Center enables complete control and audit-ability to support compliance. Splashtop works with existing infrastructure and software so there’s no need to replace software, hardware, PCs, or devices.

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