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High-Performance Remote Connections

Fast and secure remote access to high-end workstations

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Access Resource-Intensive Workstations Remotely

With Splashtop’s high-performance features, professionals can access resource-intensive workstations remotely as if they were sitting in front of them.

Features Include...

  • Multi-monitor support gives you the ability to stream multiple monitors connected to your workstation

  • 4K streaming at 40 frames per second (fps), and iMac Pro Retina 5K streaming, at low latency 

  • Reduced CPU utilization providing more CPU headroom to process applications

  • Ability to fine-tune Splashtop settings for optimal performance

  • Optimized encoding and decoding engine to take advantage of the latest hardware acceleration from Intel, NVIDIA and AMD

Splashtop Performance Benchmarks

  • Windows 1080 resolution, 60fps 

  • Mac 1080 resolution, 60fps 

  • Windows 4K resolution, 60fps  

  • Mac 4K resolution, 41fps 

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For Individuals and Teams

Business Access

Secure high-performance remote access to enable work from anywhere

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For IT, Support, and Help Desks


Attended and unattended remote support solution

For IT and MSPs

Remote Support

Remote access and support plus endpoint monitoring and management

For Businesses and Power Users


Remote access and support to meet your advanced business and security needs

For Special Compliance Needs


Self-hosted remote access and support to meet your security and compliance requirements


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