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khara, Inc. uses high-performance remote computer access to work from anywhere


After many months of looking for a way to enable secure and productive remote work, and trying out many different solutions, khara, Inc. chose Splashtop. Staff members use Splashtop to log in to a company computer from home or another workplace and do usual tasks like video editing, creating animations, graphic design, syncing audio-video, and more. Their information systems department also uses Splashtop to provide remote support for staff members.

Mr. Shinnosuke Suzuki, an executive officer of the information systems department in khara, Inc. shares the story.

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The Challenge: Finding a High-Performance, Secure Remote Access Solution with Multi-User Management

In recent years, khara, Inc. has been trying to realize a ‘new work style’ that gives creators the flexibility to work from anywhere. Mr. Suzuki said, “Even before the pandemic, we wanted to set up a secure environment for remote work. Just as we were considering how to go about it, it became necessary to improve the remote environment due to COVID-19.”

However, in doing that they faced issues such as keeping confidential information safe and maintaining work efficiency. Mr. Suzuki said, “It is difficult to work remotely because of the nature of our work. Since we handle videos before they are released, we prohibit taking confidential information out of the company. Therefore, it was not an environment where we could work remotely, we had to come to the office.”

Another challenge they were facing was finding a solution that enabled them to remotely manage users in an organizational structure. The staff involved in a project differs depending on the work at the production site. There are many cases where they temporarily participate in a project and leave when it is completed. It was important for the company to be able to manage the accounts of all staff members to prevent information leakage while working from home.

Before COVID-19, khara, Inc. was using VPN for some situations when they needed remote access. However, when the need for large scale remote access arose, they recognized their system wasn’t built for remote work. They didn’t have the capacity to issue and use a VPN account for each employee as it would overload the core infrastructure. They decided they needed a remote access solution to work from home. Mr. Suzuki later commented, “There are situations where we require VPN as well, so we are using both VPN and Splashtop.”

khara, Inc. Finds Splashtop: High-Speed Remote Access, Robust Security, Single Sign-On, and Great Features

When khara, Inc. tried Splashtop they found the remote access solution they were looking for.

High performance
khara, Inc. found the high-speed screen transfer during remote sessions very attractive. “Splashtop’s high performance allows us to work without stress. It’s just like we are sitting at the computer in the office,” said Mr. Suzuki.

User management
In the conventional way of working in the office, it was possible to manage accounts and access privileges in-house, but that is not the case when it came to remote work. With the pandemic, it became difficult and time-consuming to go to the staff’s workplace or home to remove the access permissions. Splashtop’s management features enabled the team to remotely manage users’ accounts and access permissions.

Centralized authentication with single sign-on (SSO) integration
khara, Inc. also decided to integrate with their SSO identity provider for centralized authentication. Mr. Suzuki said, “It is very tedious and expensive to issue an account and take inventory of each account each time a tool is introduced. By unifying the authentication, we are reducing system operating costs. Splashtop was compatible with the SAML authentication system we use, we loved that!”

Ability to provide remote support
The information systems department also uses Splashtop to remotely support staff members when they face technical issues. The technician remotes into the computer after obtaining permission from the staff. They also provide support via chat. Mr. Suzuki said, “Since Splashtop has been introduced to all departments, it has become possible to solve problems in real-time by remote control, even if they are not face-to-face.”

Ease of deployment and use
The team was able to easily deploy Splashtop to all the computers using the mass deployment functionality. When asked how the staff were adapting to using Splashtop, Mr. Suzuki commented, “Most of them are now accustomed to the new process, and Splashtop is gaining popularity.”

The Future of Remote Work for khara, Inc.

With Splashtop, khara, Inc. was able to introduce remote work, and respond to various working preferences of staff members. However, they do not want to completely shift to working remotely.

Mr. Suzuki explained, “As long as people can focus and deliver quality work, it does not matter where they do it from. We would like to offer a remote work environment as an option so that creators can choose a method that works for them. However, I also feel that it is easier for creators to get together in the same space and put their collaborative energy into a project. Sometimes good ideas come from face-to-face communication and casual chats. A hybrid work environment is the future. Even after COVID-19, we will continue to utilize Splashtop to provide staff members with an option to work from home.”

When asked about the future of 5G and its practical applications from the perspective of a video production company, Mr. Suzuki said, “Video production companies need to transfer large amounts of data with low latency. I find it incredibly attractive to be able to transfer it using 5G technology. By doing so, I am expecting that it will create an environment where we can make good things wherever we are.”


About khara, Inc.

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khara, Inc. founded by Hideaki Anno is a video planning and production company that develops the planning, original work, screenplay, design, and so on of videos, as well as works on production, promotion, and distribution. They’ve produced works such as the ‘Evangelion’ series and ‘Dragon Dentist’. They are also involved in the establishment of the NPO ‘Anime Tokusatsu Archive Organization’ (ATAC) that stores and manages materials and technologies related to animation and special effect films. Studio khara is the primary animation production studio.

“Splashtop was compatible with the SAML authentication system we use, we loved that! By unifying the authentication, we are reducing system operating costs.”
– Mr. Shinnosuke Suzuki,
An executive officer of the information systems department, khara, Inc.

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“A hybrid work environment is the future. Even after COVID-19, we will continue to utilize Splashtop to provide staff members with an option to work from home.”
Mr. Shinnosuke Suzuki
An executive officer of the information systems department
khara, Inc.
【Splashtop use case】Khara Inc. (Long ver.)
【Splashtop use case】Khara Inc. (Long ver.)

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